The 60 Day Grow Your Fro Protective Style Challenge!

grow your fro protective style challenge

 I am sooooo excited!! We kick off today!! YAAASSS!!!
But to kick off #GrowYourFroPSC Right, I’m going to go ahead and grace you lovely ladies with a Hair Steamer giveaway which kicks off now!
Rules for the giveaway:
That’s it all! If you do not have a twitter account, you can enter via IG by following the same rules above, using the #GrowYourFroPSC & #Strawberricurls hashtags on IG and reposting this IG video and tagging me in it.
You MUST use the hashtag otherwise I will not be able to find you to know that you entered the pre-giveaway for #GrowYourFroPSC

Rules To Participate: 

1. Must be subscribed to  TheStrawberriCurls on Youtube.
Must be following @Strawberricurls  and all of the following sponsors on social media (yes we check and are watching):


2. Must be signed up or the #GrowYourFroPSC newsletter this is how you will get all information pertaining to this challenge.

3. Must post pictures of your protective styles and/or daily GYF activity at least once a week on social media and the natural hair chat community  using hashtag #GrowYourFroPSC and #Strawberricurls

4. Must check into the Natural Hair Chat Community at least once per week. This community is for questions, sharing, encouragement and daily protective-stylespiration!

5. Must follow the checklists, they are designed for encouraging constancy in daily and weekly healthy habits.

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Just a few side notes:

    • Choosing your protective style of choice. If you need protective style ideas. You can get some inspirationhere, here, here, and here. Also, if you have protective style ideas, post them in the community to give other people some inspiration and use hashtag #GrowYourFroPSC
    • Must check into the Natural Hair Chat Community at least once per week using hashtag #GrowYourFroPSC. This community is for questions, sharing, encouragement and daily protective-stylespiration!
    • Be sure to download your Grow Your Fro daily and weekly checklist encouraging constancy in daily and weekly healthy habits.

  • Post a “before” length check picture of your hair on social media and in the community using hashtag #GrowYourFroPSC and tag @Strawberricurls on whatever social media channel you choose to post! I’m watching yall! You can use a length check shirt to get an accurate measurement of your results! If your hair isn’t long enough for one it’s ok :). THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT! You will have to post an “after” when the 60 days is over!


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What qualifies as a “Protective Style”?

A protective style is a low manipulation hairstyle that hides your ends from wear and tear, the elements, and anything else that can put strain on them and cause breakage. The ends of your hair is how you retain length, not the root so you MUST take care of them in order to see progress in your hair growth journey.

What are the benefits of protective styles for natural hair?

Low maintenance: This will benefit your hair type.  There is no need for much of combing, twisting etc. The hair retains length better when it is left alone especially if you aim to have more length. So low maintenance is one of the main benefits of protective style.

Retain growth: Most protective hairstyles keep the tresses up. This will cause less breakage, damage to the hair, and help it to gain more strength.

Quick and Easy: If you don’t have much time then protective styles are the best options for you. You can just twist and braid there is nothing much that you need to do. This can help to save time.

It also helps to keep the hair soft because you can moisturize and go. It’s also much easier to sleep with a bonnet on when your hair is in a protective natural hairstyle.

Folica Top 10 Conditioners

The following DO NOT apply as protective styles:

– Wash and goes
– Twistouts
– Braidouts
– Straight hair styles
– Bantu knot outs
– Coil outs
– Spiral sets

The following ARE protective styles
– Updos with your ends tucked away | Examples here and here
– Braided styles | Examples here and here
– Twists | Examples here and here
– Twisted styles
– Flat twist
– Sew-ins
– Wigs | Examples here and here
– Crotchet braids | Examples here and here
– Mini Twists | Example here
– Buns | Examples here and here

Can you name some more protective styles in the comment section?

The Rules

You have to wear your hair in a protective style for 60 days but you can change it every 2 weeks if you like!

During this challenge:

  • No heat is allowed unless your changing your style and need to stretch your hair. Even then you can put it in braids and allow to dry overnight to do what you need to do to it
  • No “loose” hairstyles. Check the above post for the approved protective styles
  • DO sleep with a bonnet, satin scarf or satin pillow case every night
  • DO oil and moisturize your scalp 3x a week.
  • DO make sure you have the daily and weekly checklist downloaded and readily accessible. This will tell you what you need to do. It’s available in the emails
  • DO post in the natural hair chat community  and on social media either weekly or daily to keep yourself accountable using the #GrowYourFroPSC hashtag.

The Giveaways 

In order to qualify for the giveaways you must follow the above 5 steps above! Use hashtags #GrowYourFroPSC and #Strawberricurls

I will be giving away products from Textures Natural Hair Care. They will be sponsoring the following

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I will be giving away boxes from Blyss Body! Their boxes included the following:

  • 4oz Blyss Body Butter Organic Calming Cream
  • Lavendar Spray
  • Eyemask
  • Earplugs
  • Instruction Card

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I will be giving away soaps from Komfort Zone Soaps!

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  1. Buns and mini twist are my go to protective styles. I wear these all the time. Rarely do I wear my hair down.

    1. StrawBerriCurls says:

      I’ve been like that lately as well

  2. yaya denise says:

    I’m so excited about the 60 day challenge!! Let the growing begin!!

  3. I wear two-strand twists under a satin bonnet all the time because I wear a hat at my job. The hard part is going to be remembering to post what I do to the Natural Hair Talk page and social media. Good thing my IG is synced to my Twitter. So just two posts that I have to worry about. haha

    1. StrawBerriCurls says:

      Yea it keeps you accountable! Post so that you will know your doing it!

  4. Is wearing a head wrap or turban considered a protective style?

  5. Rocking my two steand twist for this challenge. Someone help me out with some tips on regrowing these edges lol and maintaining my hair while in the two strand twist.
    Happy day 4 curlies 🙂

  6. Cayla Moody says:

    I’ll b be doing my beloved mini twist & crochete braids . I’m excited! This will really keep me accountable for my hair and will put me back on track

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