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how to create a wave roller set on natural hair
How to Crochet Havana Twists
Short hairstyles for natural hair

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how to create a wave roller set on natural hair

No Heat Natural Hairstyle | How To Create A Wave Rollerset On Natural Hair

Watch Danyale Thomas Ross, owner of Good Hair Salon and visionary of Good Hair In a Bottle  products, do a wave roller set on natural hair with foam rollers. Dreeny Paine of Seattle Naturals is ready to get her hair done in this style perfect for women who want curls without direct heat. Related Posts: […]

How to Crochet Havana Twists

How to Crochet Havana Twists For A Protective Style

I am JAW DROPPED by this tutorial! I am definitely putting it on my list of protective styles to try! I couldn’t believe how easy the install for this is and it look gorgeous! I was looking at the screen like “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!” SEE ALSO: How To Grow Healthy Hair Using […]


Natural Hairstyles | Ultimate Curls Tutorial By Nae2Curly

Janae Mason aka Nae2Curly on instagram has quickly become one of my hair idols. The girl’s hair is just… ugh.. just damn beautiful. She has really been taking IG by storm with all of her beautiful natural hair tutorials and the “Ultimate Curls” tutorial is on the top of my list as one of my […]

curl twist sponge

How To Use A Curl Twist Sponge To Define A Twa

If your late to the party, the curl twist sponge is the newest tool to define your curls. It can be used on men and women. This one is for you too fellas! Check out the tutorials below. Male or female can use both but just for aestheics sake I have included tutorials with both […]

rachel dolezal braiding hair

Rachel Dolezal Didn’t Bother Me…. Until She Started Braiding Hair

Ok look, listen ~taps mic, gets on soap box~ I just really need to get this off of my chest I DON’T CARE that Rachel Dolezal passed herself off as an African-American woman. The bottom line is the woman was uncomfortable with who she was. Aren’t we all sometimes? Can you honestly say there is […]


Lessons Learned Being In An Interracial Relationship w/ Natural Hair

By Melissa of Trials and Tresses 2014 was a tough year in general, and an even tougher year to be in an interracial relationship. With the social unrest, scrutiny, and judgment at an all time high, even jokes from friends felt like sharp jabs. But I digress… let me start from the beginning. The natural […]

edge control for 4c natural hair

9 Serious Edge Tamers For Kinky Hair To Make Your Edges Sleek

 There is something about having laid edges that adds an air of sophistication and sleekness to certain hair styles. But a good edge control product can be hard to find. Either they just don’t work or they leave the hair flaky and dry. In case you needed some help with deciding on one to try, here are […]

12 High End Conditioners That Add

12 High End Moisturizing Conditioners That You’ve Never Heard Of

Tired of the same old conditioners? Hey if it isn’t broke don’t fix it but I personally like to try new things. While I haven’t tried these conditioners yet, some of the ingredients look very promising and I hope to try some in the future. I’m just trying to expose you guys to some potential […]