5 Must Have Tools To Manage Your Natural Hair Easier

6 Beautiful Natural Hairstyle Tutorials

denman brush

The Denman Brush

The Denman Brush has been a very long standing staple of mine. It was one of the first tools that I ever got that actually works! This brush is also adjustable! You can leave as many teeth as you want in it or take it out to suit your needs. The beauty of it is it just unravels your curls with ease. Just start at the ends of your hair and work your way up. Be sure to be gentle with your curls.


ouidad double detangling comb

The Wide Tooth Comb

This is a saving grace! A wide tooth comb can tackle just about anything you can throw at it including a head that’s so tangled that your ready to cry! This comb will take care of all of that



A Spray Bottle

A spray bottle will make starting your day a breeze! You know how your hair gets matted down when you sleep? Just add some water in a spray bottle, spray it up in the air and let the water rain down on your hair. You can thank me later for that tip. I use my spray bottle every morning


A Hair Steamer

Yes yes yes! I’ve already had 2 of these bad boys! So what are the benefits of a hair steamer? They make your curls pop and come alive! Hair steamers add moisture to the hair by steaming it in. Think of it like a sauna for your curls! You can add conditioner in your hair as well to up the anty. Once you get a hair steamer you will wonder how you ever lived without one.


A Satin Pillowcase, Bonnet, or Scarf

When you lay on cotton, it dries your hair out. You need to be sure to either wrap your hair the night before or make sure you have a pillowcase that will tend to your curls. Come on ladies, we forget sometimes to wrap our hair up at night and the next day our hair is screaming at us. What you do every night determines your hair’s health. This simple change will help make a dramatic difference in keeping moisture in your hair.

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  SEE ALSO: How I Helped My Client Regrow Her Edges In 6 - 7 Months!

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