natural hair twists

Natural Hair Twists That Just Won’t Quit

natural hair twists

My twists have been going STRONG for the past 3 weeks. I needed something that was going to survive this torture i have been putting my body under lately. I also needed something that was convenient and I could change up. I HATE BORING HAIR!

Who wants to have the same hair style all the time? The good thing I love about my natural hair twists is that they are so versatile. I can always change them up. I can’t stand being bored with my hair because it shows. I stopped caring. I start putting them into a ponytail or just letting them hang…eww..blah

I just release a new youtube video with my “Inverted Bob Twists” showing the tutorial you all have been begging me for the longest to do

Inverted Bob Tutorial.

A common question I get with this tutorial is “how do i twists my natural hair?” Welp, I have a tutorial for that as well!

As far as fitness goes, well, I seem to be making quite the progress.

No I haven’t stepped on the scale
No I don’t know how much I weigh
No I won’t be stepping on the scale

How do I know? My clothes fit better and I’m taking the man’s approach on this. Just eat right and workout and stop OBSESSING over the results!! So that’s what I’m doing. And trust me, I EAT! I have found clean substitues for my diet.


Rice = Quinoa
Pasta = Spaghetti Squash
Pancakes = Homemade Protein & Wheat Pancakes (I make my own topping from scratch and cook them in Olive Oil)
Beef = Ground Turkey
Sour cream = Greek Yogurt

I don’t even eat pork so that wasn’t replaced, it was just cut out.

I’m well on my way! I workout 5 times a week and 2 x a day out of those five days. I found a spinning class and ymca and I am ready to push it to the limit! My goals have to be reached!

Do you have any fitness goals? Do you have hair goals? Have your reached any of these goals? Let me know in the comments below!

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Have a Happy Hair Day!

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  1. Seriously Natural says:

    Your twists are gorgeous!!! Wish mine behaved like that. I may have to try again and wrap them to tame them. Thanks for the idea.

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