~sips juice~ He is something else….

Nah he KNOW he need to stop. We all know him working out, with no shirt on talking about natural hair is a marketing plow. He’s appealing to black women cuz he’s A.) Talking about natural hair and B.) Well, he playing on our hormones…..

But its working tho cuz yall know now, if yall wasn’t going natural before, you are now….

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  1. Lawd, Have Mecy…I’m glad I’m natural and he is too handsome.

  2. He is just too handsome! Lol he is a mess!! Had me laughing

  3. We have been conditioned to believe that it’s not normal or sometimes not right to wear our hair the way we were born with it—never mind “natural”. It’s our hair! But in watching this video it made me appreciate it more and I felt encouraged even more to keep going. Often you hear other women say, “those natural girls” but wait, it’s just my hair…more and more I believe Black women should get with the program because it’s such an achievable, liberating and real thing to do—to have long and straight natural hair—which in fact would be more healthier but natural! I believe every Black woman should give it a shot at least once. But of course we are welcomed to do what we want—I just always say make it look good and keep it healthy.

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