Natural Hair Guide For Beginners

Natural Hair Guide For Beginners

beginners guide to natural hair

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I am so glad to have you here! Let me tell you a little bit about me. My name is Gabrielle Allen and I have been blogging about natural hair since 2009. I am known as Strawberricurls in the natural hair community and when I started blogging, there was a need for natural hair in the community. I wanted to be the one to fill that need for you all. As you can see in the photo above, my results speak for themself!


Below, you will find everything that you need to know about getting started with caring for your natural hair with some goodies thrown in!


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Fan Favorites The Basics Maintaining and Growing Natural Hair Regrowing Your Edges Fixing Dry,Broken And Damaged Hair Natural Hair Styles Hair Inspiration


Fan Favorites!

“Girl Please You Are Not Natural”

5 Reasons You Should Date A Woman With Natural Hair

6 Natural Hair Tips That Are Absolutely Ridiculous

A Stylist Added Relaxer To My Conditioning TreatmentWhat Not To Get Your Girl For Valentine’s Day

The Basics

Why Is My Natural Hair Always Dry?

The Best Deep Conditioners For Natural Hair

Building A Moisturizing Natural Hair Regimen

5 Protein Treatments For Natural Hair

3 Products Every Natural Should Have A List Of Shampoos That Won’t Strip Your Hair Of Moisture

5 Tips That Make Your Natural Hair Softer

4 Keys For A Healthy Scalp

Maintaining & Growing Natural Hair

5 Tips To Grow Long Natural Hair

The Difference Between Hair Growth and Length Retention

7 Tips To Regrow Your Edges

Does Biotin Grow Your Natural Hair Faster?

Cassia: The Strengthening Ayurvedic Treatment

10 Benefits of Olive Oil For Natural Hair

5 Benefits of Henna for Natural hair

5 Ways Honey Can Boost Your Deep Conditioners

Regrowing Your Edges

7 Tips To Regrow Your Edges

How I Helped My Mom Regrow Her Edges In 5 Months

Caring For Your Edges  

Fixing Dry,Broken And Damaged Hair

Fix Your Dry Ends With The Baggy Method!

How Do I Fix Single Strand Knots?

Natural Hair Styles & Tutorials

4 Quick and Easy Natural Hairstyles
Roller Setting Natural Hair
How To Twist Natural Hair
5 Techniques To Stretch and Prevent Shrinkage In Natural Hair
Curlformers Vs New Orleans Humidity
Straightening Your Natural Hair
Mini Twists
Curlformers on Natural Hair
Inverted Bob on Natural Hair
Faux Mini Twists Hawk
Natural Hairstyle Tutorial Round Up | 3 Basic Styles for Lazy Naturals
Natural Hairstyle Tutorial Round Up | 4 pompadour updos you should try
Stretch Your Wash n Go In 10 Minutes

You can find more tutorials on my Pinterest page!

Hair Inspiration

4B Natural Hair Journey | Marley
3C Natural Hair Journey| Crystal
4A / 4B Natural Hair Journey | Myeshia
4A Natural Hair Journey | Ashley
4A Natural Hair Journey | Johanne
4B Natural Hair Journey | Marley
4A Natural Hair Journey | Sage

If your in need of a support group, check out my 2 groups on FB , Natural Hair Chat Naturals In New Orleans.

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    1. Itz.RUDEBOYY! says:

      So I’ve been using curl activater and cream to moister my hair, how come when I first used the product it made my hair nice and moisturized but now it feels like it’s drying out my hair?

  1. These tips are full of insights and somehow these will gonna improve my haircare routine.
    Thanks for sharing your good ideas.

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