#LazyNaturals | The 2 Minute BOHO Braid

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I am sooo adding this to my arsenal of hairstyles! This still is by @Curlygirlmomo

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I’m a QUEEN minus the trappin ☝🏾️👑👩🏾 but this is my jammm💃🏾 😆…But anyways LOL, this is for my chicas who love headbands/hair jewelry/ and like to accessorize their mane with them. This was two simple plaits that i “pinned” up with my headband to make it not so boring. I think the video is pretty straight fwd, but if you feel as if your hair is too short to stay wrapped around the band (video 3) you could use bobby pins to pin you hair down around the band. You can find similar headbands at F21/ H&M/ Sally’s/ or check your local BSS :)😋😌 #crownbraid #protectivestyles #braidedcrown #headjewelry #headbands #jumbobraid #trendynatural #hairtrends #rockyonatural #blowout @naturalhairmag

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