biotin hair growth

biotin hair growth

biotin hair growth

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  1. nioxin repair hair muaqse is not the fuel that makes hair grow. its the cleanser, scalp therapy, and treatment that fuels your hair to grow faster. keep taking the biotin vitamins- nioxin products are natural and guaranteed so if you dont like them-you can return them to the professional store you bought them from.i have no idea about wild growth hair oil-so i can not give you any info on that. i strongly reccomend getting the essentials of nioxin if you want to see faster growth. the hair treatment by nioxin accounts for 50% of the system!!**by the way nioxin has been proven to help your hair grow in fuller and stronger than before this product was developed for cancer patients to re aclimate their scalps to promote new hair growth. it was released into the professional world after there were such positive reviews and results when the product is used properly-on average there was 10-15% faster growth noticed on the users and the stylists who use this product**

  2. I have long hair but my hair fell out in the middle of my head covering about2inch area and shortened some on the left side near that area, I’ve noticed a couple of small bumps in this area as well, it does not itch as much as it use to when it first began about 4years ago. A dermatologist told me to take biotin, Minoxidil for women and A/G pro tablets which I have not been able to find anywhere, it hasn’t grown hardly any since then. I am a black woman. Do you have any advice and thank you.

  3. Vickey flowers says:

    December ~ drink more water challenge, I would l love to signup

  4. Doris Fuller says:

    I had long pretty hair but all of sudden it started fallen out even my edges so my dermatologist did a biopsy and said i had scarring alopecia.well she have started giving me shots in my head for my hair to grow back.not you have any other ideas for my hair to grow back.

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