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4A Natural Hair Journey | Stephanie

4a natural hair


What is your name and your profession?
Stephanie – Health Insurance Auditor/Vlogger/Blogger (Blogging and Vlogging are my passion)

Why did you go natural?
I went back to natural near the end of 2009. I was diagnosed with Lupus around the same time. My medications were making my hair break/thin out already, and the relaxers were only exacerbating the issue. I haven’t looked back since.

How long have you been natural and when did you BC?

I did not BC–I transitioned with regular trims and protective styles until giving birth to my son in Sept 2013.  I got my 1st shaping cut from Devachan Salon in NYC in October 2013. I recently cut my hair for the second time at Ouidad Salon in NYC in June 2014.

What are your staple products and hairstyles?

I have MANY staple products, and I know many naturalistas can relate! I absolutely cannot live without the following:
Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Curl Refresher spray
Frizz Free Curls “Curl Control Paste”
Ouidad Moisturizing Gel & Ouidad Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner/Styling primer
Spectrum Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil
Aubrey Organics White Camellia Conditioner (I use for co-washing and as a leave-in).

I regularly seal my hair with a combo of Castor Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. My favorite deep conditioner so far is Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew Deep Conditioner. My coils and curls are extremely supple and manageable after I use it . My wash and go is my staple hairstyle hands down–easiest to do but requires at least half a day’s worth of drying. I do not use heat in my hair anymore. It was way too damaging to diffuse my hair. I also seldom use shampoo.  I do an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse once a month. I recently used and loved Aztec Secret Indian Healing Bentonite Clay as a cleanser. (Both tutorials are on my YouTube Channel).

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What are your natural hair goals?

My natural hair goals are to just obtain and maintain the healthiest hair possible. I used to be concerned with length, but I’ve realized over time that quality of hair is so much more attainable and beneficial than inches–my motto is and remains “Strength over Length”.

How do you keep your hair intact overnight?

Pineapple! I also use a satin scarf, and double over as a headband. I also like bra strap headbands with no closures, but the satin scarves work much better for me.

How do you maintain length?

I only trim as needed. However, I realize my hair tends to grow more on the side of density vs. length. Again, “Strength over Length”. 😉

Name 1 reason you went natural and why you love being natural.

I love how liberating the experience has been. It has also tied into my health, and motivated me to eat and live much healthier as well. After all, healthy hair starts from the inside out. You cannot have healthy hair without taking care of yourself from the inside first. Plenty of water, healthy fats, grains and greens can take you and your hair a long way!

Where else can we find you on the net?

Instagram: _cebelamour_

website: www.cebelamour.com

YouTube: Cebelamour85

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