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1. How long have you been natural and when did you BC?

My last relaxer was in December 2006. As soon as I relaxed, I decided that would be the last time I chemically straightened my hair. I transitioned for 18 months and braved the big chop in June 2008 (my BC video). I was out with friends and had an overwhelming urge to go home and cut my hair (weird I know). It was liberating though!

2. What are your staple products and hairstyles?

I don’t really have any staple products at the moment. As my hair gets longer, I discover products which work better with my hair. I always make sure I have a clarifying shampoo, moisturising shampoo, deep conditioner, protein treatment and a leave in conditioner. As it’s winter, I’m using Shea butter and Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner. My staple style at the moment is my finger ringlet style. My hair stays tangle free until wash day, and I can always style it into a bun if it gets messy.

3. What is your regimen?

I like to keep it quite simple, as I can be lazy sometimes lol. I wash my hair weekly, which includes deep conditioning. Steaming my hair is something which I have just incorporated into my regimen, and I love how soft and tangle-free my hair is after!  Wash day is the only time I will detangle my hair. Doing it under the shower with loads of conditioner and a Denman brush makes it so much easier.

4. What are your natural hair goals?

My hair is currently at waist length, and is shorter at the front. My ultimate goal is to reach hip bone length when my hair is stretched. Any longer and I don’t think I would be able to cope lol. As long as my hair stays healthy, I’ll be happy.

5. How do you keep your hair intact overnight?

At night, I spray with leave in conditioner, pile my hair on top of my head (like a pineapple), secure with a large band and cover with a satin cap. When I take my hair down in the morning, I fluff with my hands and moisturise again if needed.

6. How do you maintain length?

Low manipulation is the key for me. I detangle once a week and only use a brush to smooth down my edges between wash days. My hair is more manageable when I deep condition, which is why I do it every week.

7. Name 1 reason you went natural and why you love being natural.

My hair was damaged as I used to relax and colour all the same time (bad I know). I needed a change! I love being natural because regrowth is no longer a problem!


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  1. Woah! So beautiful! I can’t wait till my hair gets that long!

  2. Jo Somebody says:

    Oh. My. Gosh! I think I’ll just sit here for an hour or so, just staring and drooling…

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