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3 Myths about Weaves and Natural Hair

  1. If you wear weaves, you’re not natural – ~BUZZER SOUND~ EH! WRONG! Unless you consider the weave your hair, if you have not had a chemical process, baby you are natural and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Now while most people wear weavers because they just don’t feel like dealing with their hair, nowadays i am seeing more and more women using them to transition their hair. It’s just so much easier to do especially if you’re not sure what to do with your hair and don’t want to get overwhelmed with the daunting task of dealing with 2 different textures.
  2. Weaves break your hair off and pull it out – My dear there is a difference between a sew in weave and a glued in weave. If you sew it in and take care of the hair underneath, no damage done. You cannot sew hair into your head and neglect it.Sew-ins are actually a really great way to give your hair a break from daily or even weekly manipulation. If you opt for a straight textured look, please don’t go crazy with the flat-iron.  If you GLUE IT IN you are ASKING for a disaster. Would you glue your lips together? Your eyelashes? Your ears? Nope, so why do it with your hair?
  3. Weaves dry your hair out – Nope wrong AGAIN! If you do not care for the hair underneath your weave, of course it’s going to dry out and be brittle and once you take it down. If you get an install, care for your hair just as you would if it were out and not protected. Come up with a simple regimen. You can still deep condition, do protein treatments, the whole nine with your hair while it’s in a weave.

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    1. Elizabeth says:

      I know right! Lol! I think we can be entirely too serious on natural hair blogs sometimes

  1. I totally want to learn how to cornrow so I can do sew in weaves sometimes. Their so convenient! And its a great way to get straight hair without heat!

  2. I don’t know… seems like such a large amount of trouble to “go natural” only to spend time, money and additional styling time for a weave. My other concern is the rationale behind adding weave if the goal is truly natural hair freedom (some people say they want to be free, these are not my words).

  3. I actually did have breakage the last weave I had pulled my sides out. But I just think it might be the stylist being too heavy handed plus my hair is very fragile especially in that area.

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