Woman Ends Up In Hospital From Hair Being Braided To Tight

I really feel sorry for this lady. I can attest to seeing things like this happen first hand. My aunt once had her hair braided and had to go to the hospital because of swollen lymph nodes because her hair was braided too tight. She had to take antibiotics to fix the problem but she still couldn’t get her money back for it.


Much like this woman who really deserved her money back but was not offered that. When she asked about it, they said they wouldn’t refund her back her $180.00 dollars.

 Instead the salon offered to do her hair again and she declined. (Hell, i would have too)

Mind you, she had to take not 1 but 2 trips to the emergency room.

The state is now requiring that braiders get a license to protect customers from things like this.

This happened in Greensboro.

For some reason the video wont embed so you can view it here.  http://www.digtriad.com/video/default.aspx?bctid=111741096001

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  1. What will getting a license do? Make is so they can get sued? Going to cosmetology school wont’ fix “trifling”.

  2. As a braider who doesn’t have a professional license, but has been braiding friends and family’s hair for 17 years, I can tell you first hand, you know as soon as you put the braid in whether or not the braids are too tight!! I can honestly say that I don’t aim for the braids to appear “tight” at the scalp, my motto is taunt not tight!!

    Most braiders braid where they loop the hair around! WRONG. You should always aim to go WITH the natural pattern of the hair. A braid is 3 strands, therefore you should start with 3 strands. This is a technique that not all braiders know about or know and haven’t mastered!

    Sad and discouraging!

  3. This is crazy! The salon should be a shame of themselves! They should refund her! I would sue them!

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