December Winter Weekly Deep Conditioning Challenge! #WINTERDCCHALLENGE

deep conditioning challenge

****UPDATE 01/01/2016*****

This challenge has continued into January per your requests! You can still sign up here to join in! Check out one of the prizes we are giving away for this one!

Winter is almost here! This is the perfect time to make sure that your hair keeps it’s moisture.

This hair care thing isn’t always easy because, I know, it can be VERY time consuming but when the winter months come we have to keep extra watch over our tresses because this weather will dry it out SO FAST!




That’s why I’m doing the December Weekly Deep Conditioning Challenge. To KEEP YOU ACCOUNTABLE!

We often think we take care of our hair but do we really? We probably barely even what we do to our hair on a weekly basis which is so significant to healthy hair!

For the month of December we are going to make sure our hair stays in tact! This is a perfect time for me because I just got rid of most of the color in my hair. I have been keeping it in a more stretched state. You can check out my latest styles here, here, and here.

Read to sign up for the challenge? Share this post with a friend to join in with you! Sign up here

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Oh and just for fun! Do me a favor and comment “I’m in!” on this facebook post and tag a natural friend to join in with you! #WINTERDCCHALLENGE

The challenge kicks off December 1st and did I mention that each week I will be giving prizes away from Koils By Nature? Each week 2 Luck people will win FULL SIZE products from KBN!

Are you ready to join now?!

In the meantime check out these wonderful resources that can help you on your hair journey and pick up a copy of my e-guide “How To Grow Healthy Hair Using Protective Styles”

Why Is My Natural Hair Always Dry?

The Best Deep Conditioners For Natural Hair

Building A Moisturizing Natural Hair Regimen

5 Protein Treatments For Natural Hair

3 Products Every Natural Should Have

5 Tips That Make Your Natural Hair Softer

4 Keys For A Healthy Scalp

Are you excited about the challenge? Let me know in the comments!

While you wait for the kick off, don’t forget to check out my latest protective style tutorial for my staple wig for the winter time!

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  1. Healthy hair is like a blessing. Your tips ae really very helpful. My mother has been suffering from hair problems. Some suggestions from here might help her as well. Thanks

  2. I just said to myself the other day that I need some extreme deep conditioning. I’ve been in a season of transitioning into a new chapter of my life and have neglected the health of my hair. The #winterdcchallenge couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me. Thank you! I’m so excited to join.

  3. Diane Smith says:

    I’m in…I think this is a wonderful challenge.

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