Winter TwistOut

Hola! Como estas?

See im getting better with my spanish… (cuz i just said so much -___-)


Anywho, even though it isn’t technically cold yet in my neck of the woods, it was supposed to be and it actually was for about a week. I decided to twist my hair up using my winter mix.

Winter Twistout Mix:
Shea Butter
Eco- Styler
Oil of your choice

I usually do this to give my hair that extra moisture it needs to get through the winter. Although right now, i don’t even feel like it will need it anymore -___- … geez i need to move somewhere where there are actually 4 seasons and i really get to experience winter. I love the snow 🙂

I wore my hair in these twist for about a week before i took them down. No it was actually a week and a half

With my life this is the most convenient style that i can think of right now that keeps my hair stretched and fully in control.
The resulting twistout… ~ques drum roll~

Yeah, i pretty much love it. I used coconut oil to take it down.

HHJ ladies!

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  1. Your hair is beautiful!!! Do you wet your hair first then use gel and then shea butter?

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Nope, i did this style on dry already detangled and stretched hair

  2. I hear ya on the winter twists! I’m jealous that its not too cold where you are though. I just got in my last day of ‘wearing my hair out’ before I have to hide it away in braids for the winter 🙁

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