Win A Hair Steamer For Mother’s Day!

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Hola loves! So here is the great thing! I am raffling off a hair steamer and tickets are $2.75.

Yes, I know I usually give these things for free but this blog isn’t easy to maintain and it definitely has maintenance cost as well as other things associated with it.

I did a poll in my Natural Hair Chat Group on Facebook and my ladies said that YES they wanted a hair steamer raffle.

On top of that here are some other reasons:

  • You really like this blog
  • You really like all of the things i do with my hair and wish you could support me with more than just Facebook likes and Twitter tweets
  • You pay more than $2.75 for that cup of coffee that you buy everyday
  • You would rather pay $2.75 for a hair steamer than $100
  • You keep saying “What if I win?”
  • You REALLY REALLY REALLY want a hair steamer
  • You really want to get your mom a hair steamer so you can borrow it from her
  • You really like the fact that i am being honest and upfront about this
  • You like the fact that i made this list and now you are convinced to buy this ticket


If you aren’t familiar with the benefits of a hair steamer, you can read up on it here

You can purchase as many tickets as you want!

So here are the rules!

Raffle Ticket

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