natural hair protective styles

Why You Should Protective Style

By Tamara Floyd of Natural Hair Rules

natural hair protective styles

Here are a few reasons why you should protective style…

I recently installed Marley Twist as my protective style (as pictured).  I’ll share more about how to install Marley Twist, the products and process. Stay Tuned. I decided to protective style with twist for a few reasons.
I was noticing that my hair was dry and frizz.  These are signs of potential damage and split ends. I know that I have a good regimen but I wanted that extra assurance that I was giving my hair time to repair.
Improve the Health of My Hair with a low manipulation style that allows me to moisturize daily. When you’re practicing a low manipulation regimen it is very important to still clean, condition and moisturize. This style allows me to do that.
To Give Myself A Break
As you know I have a lot of hair.  Even though I can shampoo and style my hair within an hour, it still gets laborious. I have been rocking updos and twist out but I still can’t keep my hands out of my hair.
What Causes the Need To Protective Style?
I noticed that my hair was dry and frizzy.  My curls are just lackluster with no curl definition.  I believed there were a few things that contributed to the potential damage and breakages from dry hair that I was seeing. Protective styling helps to prevent breakage from the major causes of breakage.
The major types of breakage are physical/mechanical, environmental and nutritional/dietary. Physical or Mechanical breakage is rough housing with your hair for example improper detangling or combing dry hair.   Environmental breakage is caused by external factor that damage or break the hair.  A good example is dryness that is caused from the hot summer sun. Nutritional/ Dietary damage is usually an excess or deficiency of vitamins, mineral or even hormone that promote healthy hair.
I was suffering from the following hair damaging factors.  Continue reading here……
I personally made a protective style wig myself a while back. You guys can check out the tutorial for that here. You may find this wig very useful and very affordable to make. Its also VERY easy to make!
Ladies, do you see the value in protective styling? Do you protective style at all? Discuss

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  1. carlyfanjaxfan says:

    Past my TWA phase, I didn’t start retaining growth until I started protective styling.

  2. Alwina Oyewoleturner says:

    I prefer to protective style because it means I don’t have to do to much to my hair. Usually my hair is in mini-twists. Currently I have marley twists in, which I plan to keep for approximately a month.

  3. I really like cute and classy updo’s as protective styles. I don’t do them all the time but I know it’s wise to protect your hair every once in a while.

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