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Why Men Aren’t Feeling Our Box Braids (Not Even On Beyonce)

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beyonce box braids

For the first time since her cowgirl hat and belly chain days, Beyonce’s opted back to braids and has given that lace front fortune of hers a well-deserved break. No, not exactly the cornrows she was squatting in the Say My Name vid, Bey’s joined the box braid bandwagon many women, including sister Solo have been rocking as of late. Unfortunately for Bey and many other women trying to celebrate the 90′s in peace (geesh), this look’s pretty disagreeable.

“Box braids are fine if you’re a 12-year-old 
or a 60-year-old going on a Tom Joyner cruise, b. Just get your hair done. Braids speak lazy and they don’t look good. Bey is a beauty. She looks like her fans now… homely and what not. If she wants to show us something new… she should show us her real hair, a new cut. I don’t like braids on Solange either, but I kinda get it. She’s boho, she’s away from the spotlight and has in-between hair I’m sure and isn’t that cute so… Women will catch a fit if a dude has cornrows. The same should apply to them.” 
—Chris Law, 29

“Beyonce’s new hair isn’t anything special to me. Rewind back to the 90′s or just go watch Poetic Justice to see Janet wearing the same style.” –Kyle, 25

“I hate them. In what world are dooky braids sexy? Some women like Janet and Beyonce look good in that look because they naturally look good –no help to the braids. Just like girls who cut their hair, a pretty girl can get away with it, but that doesn’t mean she should or that it like enhances her in anyway.” –Daniel, 21

“Na, that trend is wack. Can’t wait for it to be over. Not everything retro looks good. Last week I saw a girl in overalls, really? Cut it out. I get it. Some things are “fashionable” or “trendy” or whatever , but what about just keeping it smooth and sexy? Doesn’t that matter anymore?” –James, 27

“I haven’t seen any girl look good in it at all. Honestly, and when it’s trailing down to your butt all extra long and extravagant for no reason I think it’s ridiculous. Nothing’s better than natural hair. Even if it’s short and simple, that’s better than long, silly and fake.” –Greg, 22

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So now that you know that SOME men are feeling this, what are your thoughts ladies? Yall know women will change their shoe size if they think a man doesn’t approve! Yohimbe Bark Extract: Side Effects and Benefits

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  1. NubianSisters says:

    her box box-braids are cute and very beautiful. Unfortunately men and others alike will always have an opinion! Women just have to do ‘them’ because there will be a loving man who will love those box braids all day and every day!!

  2. Currently rocking box braids with my real hair. My husband said he used to get his fro braided up as a kid and left it at that. I don’t really care what these dudes like or not.

  3. PhantomRaviolii says:

    Men are always giving opinions on things that have nothing to do with them! If ya like it ya like it, if ya don’t ya don’t! Don’t knock people who try to do something different. Those women didn’t choose to look a certain way just to impress them! Besides, saying braids are ugly is disrespecting the black culture back to our African ancestors. Braids are what we do, and do well! whats ugly about it?

  4. AriAshleyGilgeous says:


  5. ShaelaToni says:

    Anyone else notice that no one in this group is over the age of 30? I mean can we get the opinion of some real men. Men that have there -ish together and know what a real woman looks like.

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  7. Marchelle Mccall says:

    I think its great that women are able to try different styles. How these braids are classless or homely I dont understand. Lets take a look at the men who are offering up their two cents and see what beauty pageant they’ve won. I have box braids and have gotten countless complements from men of all races. Ive donned these braids to a formal dinner and when they were pinned up they look gorgeous. So, you cant listen to everyones opinion, rock what you like.

  8. Please, black men don’t seem to be satisfied with any style. Weaves are never okay. Braids and perms aren’t good enough Then when you go natural…its too nappy, or too short. Their opinions seriously don’t matter to me. I dont need to impress them. I have a man who loves me with any style.

    1. you better say it!! i hate how women factor in a man’s opinion on how they should look. do you! I’ve been rocking box braids since 5 grade and I am 30 now. And I actually do have back length natural hair. Ppl assume you have braids bc you’re lazy or don’t have hair but nope! I rock it as a protective style. And braids can be traced back to ancient African history. So let me rock what my ancestors taught me. #GhanaGal

  9. I am not all that crazy about braids because a stylist told me that they aren’t really good for the hair because it pulls the hair and damages it. The men talk about box braids and weaves but what about dreads on men, I think that it is ugly on a man, I don’t really like men with long hair and I think when men started wearing dreads was just as bad as them walking around with their pants hanging off their behinds, I think it is unattractive.

  10. My man is always feeling my box braids, so I don’t think I give a damn what any other guy says 😛

  11. ThefabulousBettyT says:

    Black men should be more concerned with what’s in a black woman’s head instead of what’s on it. Besides, it ain’t got nothing to do with them how I or any other black woman chooses to wear her head. They can go and kick rocks.

  12. My man loves my hair whether i got it in box braids our rocking my natural fro.. he tells me im sexy either way… and he is 40 yrs old..

    1. A real man. The opions of these “children” don’t even matter.

  13. Kandypuffs says:

    Black men really kill me. They always have a complaint when it applies to black women. First off the men that claim they love women to be natural usually are the ones downing it. Why do you think most natural women end up with someone outside they race? Because they are more accepting to natural black beauty than black men. Second I guarantee the one saying she should wear her real hair will be the first one to say “Go back to the weave”. I remember when I told my ex I was going natural his first words was “Why you doing that”. He also preferred straight looks which is ridiculous. They claim to always have something to say when black women wear weaves as well wearing a afro. God when are they ever happy?

  14. Who cares what men think, its your head…

  15. Who cares what the loser black men think though?

  16. THESE MEN SHOULD TAKE A FREAKING DIVE… unsatisfied brats… now i see why african american women don’t stress over them. they are not worth it. Nigerian men, (i am nigerian) LOVE braids and weave and whatever makes you look good pretty much. they literally swoon when your hair is done good…

  17. How ignorant. My boyfriend loves any hair style I have and he REALLY loves me in braids/twists. He’s white and I’m black. Some people just have so much to say.

  18. Wow, you guys exhibit so much hatred for the black male… If one peruses the article, they said NOTHING about the race of the men asked; the author simply put the mens’ opinions, and then stuck their first name and age on their respective comments. The survey could (and should) be a variety of men, not just the black male; however they didn’t make any claim as to what race any of these men are. I am deeply ashamed of my fellow black/poc women in the comment section here and elsewhere that put black males down for really no reason (in this article for box braids?!). What a shame. When will we as a people learn not to hate and stereotype each other? Each man and woman regardless of race has his/her story and opinions, and instead of just exhibiting blind (and honestly, ignorant) hate/dislike, why don’t we try to educate them and learn about them too, and uplift everyone altogether?

  19. I think some women just want to be in a semi-constant state of warfare with men. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it’s to work out frustration. Maybe it’s to give them an opportunity to take a stand “as a strong woman”. Maybe it’s a side effect of just plain old being miserable.

    But for anyone who cares to hear it… from one who travels the hallowed halls of men’s shared concerns… box braids rates pretty f*cking low on the radar of sh*t that’s irking us. Quoting 5 random dudes doesn’t equal a movement. But I’m sure it’ll be made into one.

    Since when we gotta love every little fad y’all become enthralled with and can’t live without adorning yourselves in anyway? Just LIVE dammit.

    Chicks STAY bitching over some shit we like that y’all don’t. We either deal with it or find us a chick who can rock with it. A piece of advice? Do likewise, ladies.

    – a MAN’S input

  20. And I bet all the reason have a sexual base…
    And with that said.. who cares?

  21. Who cares what they think. Jay z lives it! We do things bcos we love it on us. Am gonna get new braids this weekend & get a new outfit to match & love myself all over again.

  22. BlueCornMoon says:

    These are the kids born around the time of the late 80s-90s when the crack epidemic was in full bloom & black neighborhoods were deteriorating from drug users,dealers & drug gangs ;babies were having babies, self hate,anger,child neglect & abuse, were spreading. etc. I’m a retired teacher & there was a big change in school kids around that time & we actually had to have faculty meetings & workshops on how to deal with that mess. Every ugly negative thing that was ever in the black neighborhood burst forth. Gone was the black pride that came out of the 60s & 70s ,the great uplifting music that came from Motown,the fun 80s dance music that’s now resurfacing on Old school stations. Instead hip hop became ugly, violent, anti women, & nasty instead of the social commentary it started out to be. That’s the world these 20 something boys grew up in; not much positive home training or respect. I have some nieces & nephews in the same age group but they were raised the old school way with intact families,rules, & expectations of higher education & positivity. Some are having problems dating because they often have to separate themselves from the pants on the ground,disrespectful, loud mouth ,cussing in public ignorant acting crowd in their schools.It’s a shame.

  23. Betty-Alexandria says:

    In my 21 years of life, I have learned that we as people get offended and caught up over everything. Instead of making a positive change, turning the other cheek, worrying about OURSELVES, we are taking away precious energy to enlighten and better ourselves as a community.
    1. It’s your hair.
    2. Not every man thinks this way.
    3. Who said they were black? Even if they are, not every black man thinks this way either.
    4. When you went natural, no one had to like it.
    5. It’s their opinion. Not your business and not your problem.
    6. We can get mad over everything, from a man not liking a style to a woman of a different ethnicity rocking it instead of us.
    7. Educate yourselves. Continue to smile and be uplifted despite these 5 men. Most important of all, if you LOVE yourself and have JOY, THESE PEOPLE CANNOT TAKE THAT FROM YOU. They can’t hurt you baby girl unless you give them that power.

  24. Never let anybody tell you how to do you. A black woman, girl is beautiful and when ever we as a people allow anyone to think they can have an opinion this is what happens. It’s sad these so called brothers don’t want to see these braids. It’s a good think can be accepted as an opinion but will never change what matters.

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