Why I Want To Grow My Hair Long

I must admit that when i first started to grow my hair out, i was for my own selfish purposes. I wanted to have my hair blow in the wind, get all those comments about “oh her hair is so thick and beautiful” “girl you got that good hair!”  and etc. It was just to be “the” girl with the long hair.

My desires have changed while on this hair journey. Do I still want to have hair to blow in the wind? Of course. Do I still want the compliments? Yes. But all of a sudden its no longer just about me and my hair. It’s about the women of my race’s hair. 

I want my hair to be a testimony. I have gone from it being about me to wanting to help people. This is my way of helping women of African -American descent.

I get so tired of seeing women with no edges, half broken hair, see through ends, and the theory that African – American women only have hair once in their lives and thats in the childhood years. The more i learn, the more i found out that that is probably that dumbest **** i have ever heard in my life. It’s just stupid!

I would love to help tons of women take their hair care in their own hands and truely learn, whether relaxed or natural. I do this to help all women, I share this knowledge because I want to see us grow our hair together.

It’s more of a lack of knowledge on our parts though. We rely on hairdressers to tell us what to do with our hair but we are far to trusting of these women. What we have to remember is for US its OUR hair, for them, we are the client and the cash cow. If you learn how to truely take care of your own hair, not only will you require their services less and less but you will learn that all this time alot of what they do to your hair is severly unhealthy.

No i am not a militant natural hair chick. All i am saying is don’t jump in head first with a stylist without having some background of your own. Go to somebody that you can trust, somebody that will tell you the truth and somebody that is not just in it for the love of money. Somebody who geniunely wants to help you grow your hair out. Chicks are ruthless… yall aint know?

My hope for African – American women especially is that we gain knowledge of healthy hair practices and stop thinking that you just “know” what to do with your hair. Don’t assume. Learn, read, and find out how to care for your hair.

Ignorance is bliss but for the lack of knowledge, the people perish. 

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  1. Prettier Woman says:

    What I really like about this article is that it’s true. African American women can grow long healthy hair with or without chemicals, but we need to stop trying to do all kinds of crazy things with it. Some times we just need to wash, put in conditioner and leave it alone! I have long thick, shiny hair that goes to the middle of my back near waist length if I don’t cut it. Why is my hair so long? One I stopped getting perms so it reduced my breakage drastically. Two I started wearing protective styles like sew ins at first, but then once my hair went below my shoulders I stopped wearing sew ins and opted to just wear it naturally. When I had sew ins I oiled my scalp, routinely washed my hair and had my hair dresser only cut my ends when it was split. Three, if you have natural hair you don’t need your ends cut every six or eight weeks, because they won’t split that often, so there will not be a reason to cut off an inch or more of your hair when it’s only grown two and a half inches. Four get it through your thick heads you don’t need straight hair, so once you stop flat ironing it, and abusing it with hot blow dryers you will retain length. Five just find a product that works in your hair and budget and just use that. The process of using tons of gel, weaves, different conditioners and etc cause scalp build up and breakage. Six – the far most important find a beautician with a high self esteem. Don’t go to some insecure ignorant woman that worries about attracting men constantly those kind of women will cut your hair when it doesn’t need to be cut. Those kind of women will not tell you when you need a deep conditioner. Those type of women will burn the hair right out of your head or insist that you do things that will not help you achieve your goal of healthy hair. My hair dresser is very attractive, confident, and good with natural hair, so I never have to worry about her. She’s always going to make money so she’s not trying to charge me like crazy. Second, she’s not worried about me looking “too good”, so jealousy will never cause her to insist that I cut off my hair.

  2. Last piece of advice ladies use youtube to watch for heat free ways to style your hair to learn how to make it curly without frizz, or straight without heat. 🙂 There are so many free resources to help you retain length.

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