weight loss before and after

Weight Loss Before and After Pictures | My 2 Week Weigh-In 9/26 – 10/10

weight loss before and after

Hey loves! I am back on my weight loss horse.

If you guys remember awhile back, i believe it was 2011, I wrote the post “From 180 Lbs To 170 Lbs, Boobs Be Gone!”. On this post I outlined how I was able to drop a lot of body fat in a relatively short amount of time.

Well unfortunately, weight gain is similar to gas creeping into a room. You really don’t notice it into you smell something awful. Now isn’t that wonderful?

Now don’t get me wrong, since 2011 I have had several attempts after the weight came back on to try and get it off. It didn’t always work. I kept the weight off for about a year before it started to seep back on. This, of course, was entirely my fault.

New orleans food is not only wonderful, but a sheer blow and addiction to an otherwise already difficult journey. So with that being said I realized that I have to analyze somethings in my life and really look at how I am viewing this whole weight loss thing.

1. I sincerely have an obsession with results. This has always worked either against me or been my greatest asset. I have had to reevaluate how I look at the results. Instead of focusing on what will happen, i focus on the now. When I say now, I mean today, right now, in this moment.
I don’t obsess over what will happened next week, tomorrow or even in the next 8 hours. I just work in the now

2. I stopped looking in the mirror and stepping on the scale. The question here would be “How can you gauge your results if you don’t step on the scale?” Listen. That scale is massively discouraging to me for several reasons. I lift weights so the number is body fat mixed with muscle. I refuse to sit here and obsess over that damn scale any longer. I take progress pictures and I write down my measurements. That’s enough for me. As far as the mirror is concerned. I have a habit of looking in the mirror at my body. Every.Single.Day. This in turn goes back to the “results now” mentality. I figure out of sight, out of mind 🙂

3. I am slowly embracing meal planning. I have always hated meal planning with a passion. Why? Because i figured it would take too much time. This was so not the case. I bought a crockpot to start making those meals. It takes all of 10 minutes for me to whip something up and walk away. One of my favorite meals to start in the crockpot would be red beans! I also found an app that allows me to put my recipes in and it will populate my grocery list for me. It’s called “Pepper Plate”.

4. Myfitnesspal.com has become a bff. I track my food on there and it gives me how many calories i should eat in one day. This is a case where numbers are working in my favor. My brain is so obsessed with them that sometimes I eat way under my caloric goal for the day and I sit there amazed that I have to force myself to eat.

Do yall notice the growing trend here? My obsession with numbers and figures? So to fix this, I’ve started to set a timer for everything from meal planning to running to exercising and life in general. I noticed that i procrastinate with things because I have this idea that it’s going to take me much longer than it actually does. Most of the time, its a mere 10 minute task but my mind told me it would take an hour… Go figure

SO here is the next question “What workouts are you doing to loss weight?

  • Running
  • Insanity
  • Krav Maga
  • Weight Lifting

I post some videos on my IG from time to time. People often tell me it motivates them so I may start posting more. I’m all about motivation 🙂

Neck – 14
Waist – 37.5
Abs – 38
Arms – 14
Hips – 44.5
Bust – 43

Neck – 14
Waist – 34
Abs – 38
Arms – 15
Hips – 45
Bust – 43

These aren’t drastic changes but my waist has shrunken. My waist is always the first to go but my endurance has picked up so that’s a plus! We celebrate the small victories and we learn to love the process.

My weight loss before and after pictures for the past 2 weeks are like “meh” but i see subtle changes.

weight loss before and after pictures

weight loss before and after pictures

weight loss before and after pictures

Oh but let’s not forget my favorite one! The comparison picture below is from 11 weeks ago to today! I may have not been completely consistent in those 11 weeks but I made SOME kind of dent for my face to be as slim as it is! You can see it in my neck and my face.

weight loss before and after

I have also started posting my juicing recipes and my infused waters on Youtube because I keep getting a ton of requests for them. I hope that it helps you all out. My latest one is my “Beet Fruit Smoothie” recipe.

Countdown to next weigh-in and before and after pictures which would be 10/24/2014! Let’s see how much damage I can do in that time.

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  1. Hi Gabrielle,
    I just hopped by from #wowlinkup Workout Wednesdays to read your inspiring weight loss results! I am so happy for you.I love your healthy approach to fitness and diet. Keep up the great work. I also loved having a chance to explore your blog since I am natural too! Great hair care and style tips! All the best, Deborah

  2. Kisa 'Yuki' Johnson says:

    You go girl!! I’ve really got to get my act together on weight loss, I’m tired of being where I am at and need to get on track!

  3. RattlesandHeels says:

    You’re doing wonderful so far. Keep it up!

  4. CourtneyLynne Storms says:

    Omg god girlie looking fabulous!!!! Keep up the amazing work ❤❤❤

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