Weigh In For Jan 6th. Did I Lose 2 Lbs?


It’s the moment of truth

Did I lose the 2lbs? Did I is the question.

My original post made on Dec 29th was to lose 2lbs by Jan 6th.

During this time i tried my best to stick to my diet but i will not lie to you,
I fell off in the last 2 weeks but what is my motto? EARN WHAT YOU EAT! Along with some healthy stuff, i managed to consume some bad stuff too

  • Banana Fosters Waffle
  • Ice Cream
  • Oreo Cookies
  • Oatmeal Cookies and Brownie Cookies
  • Manchu’s Chicken and a 500 calorie Cinabun

Can you say lack of self control? IT’S THAT DAMN SUGAR! I GOTTA HAVE IT! It’s supposed to be in moderation. See, no i am not perfect, i struggle just like everyone else.

I still had veggies and meats, protein shakes, TONS of water in all that but i had my fair share of falling off

But did i lose it?

Dec 29th i was 168 lbs.

Today, on Jan 6th, I am 165.4 lbs!

So despite the crazy eating, yes, i did lose the a little over 2lbs! Just imagine what i would weigh if i would have stuck completely to it -____-

Next Goal: Lose 3lbs by Jan 20th and a 1/2in off of my abs. This is going to be interesting..

Current measurements:

Bust -40

Waist – 32

Abs – 36

Hips – 41

Thighs – 23

Arms – 12

Neck – 14


JAN 11TH 2011 WEIGHT : 188.4LBS



JAN 2012 WEIGHT: 165.4LBS

I wish i would have taken some pics when i was 200lbs so you all could see why i HAD to make a change

OCT 2010: 200LBS

JAN 2012: 165.4


Yes i have some work to do but one thing i can tell you is, i may not be there yet, but im closer than i was yesterday.

Have a healthy journey you guys!

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  1. Congrats on your weight loss and your determination. It’s always a bit difficult but you’ve done an awesome job. Keep striving to progress.

  2. Way to go:) This is always inspiring news when you put your mind to it you can do anything:)


  3. Congratulations on your reaching your goal for Jan 6th! I am also on this journey but have been bombing out lately. I feel motivated now, thanks. I like how you break your goals down into small short-term ones instead big ones.

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