UH OH! I’ve Got Heat Damage!

Yes its true.

I won’t try to hide it,

I wont deny it,

Yes I do have heat damage.

After contemplating for some time if that’s actually what it was, I looked at some of my old pictures and some of my new. My wash N Go then and my wash N go now and I concluded that my experiment was effective.

I used the BabyLiss Nano Titanium Pro on my hair at 450 degrees. Now I know that hair burns at that level but being the risk taker that I am, I decided to go for the gut and the goal and see what would happen. Well now that I have, I can safely say that if you do decided to buy the babyliss flat iron, don’t set it that high. Lol . I have never had heat damage all over from a flat iron. The temperature and those titanium plates did it for me. I know what my hair can handle and what it can’t from now on.

Below are various pictures of my wash n go from the past 3 years

1st pic:2009

2nd Pic:2010

3rd Pic:2011

4th pic:2012



Now do you see what I mean?


Yea I know right! I’m not about to pull my hair out over it though lol.

I have been asked this question time and time again but you do not have to BC in order to recover from heat damage, you can but im not. I choose to grow it out and baby my hair. Now mind you, heat damage is not reversible. The protein in my hair has been weakened.


  • Get rid of THAT particular flat iron (done)
  • Protective style way more i.e yarn braids, wet buns, sew-ins, mini twists, braids
  • Blow dry no more than twice a year ( if I even decide to do this)
  • Regimen will consist of 2x protein treaments a month, deep conditioner, 2x a month, moisturize and seal 3x a week, clarify once a week, oil rinse 2x a month , cowash once or twice a week
  • Cut down on parabens and silicons ( got a little carried away with it)


Did you notice I said absolutely nothing about trimming? Well that’s because I just did a little trim on my hair and since it will be put away 99% of the time, there is no need to go hacking away at the ends of my hair just cuz I “feel” like I need a trim.

Im excited though! I get to go on a new journey!

See look how much i love yall

I risk my own head so yall can no better so with that being said keep the ninja comments to a minimum

HHJ Ladies!


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  1. CheleLaBelle says:

    I currently have my hair straightened and I am scared that I may have heat damage on the left side. If I do, I will be doing protective styles as well. I do not want to cut my length.

  2. Stephanie says:

    My hair is so fragile that even with a diffuser, and a good heat protection spray, my hair disintegrates. I tried doing rod sets with elastic bands and it failed miserably. Now, I use Curlformers after I dry with a t-shirt or microfiber towel. I’m afraid to flat iron or use heated curlers. Anyone here tried Topstylers?? Allegedly they don’t damage the hair.

  3. Tia Granberry says:

    This is great info! Me and my sisters are all natural and get our hair flat ironed on a consistent basis. My sis has experienced the loosening of the curls all over, whereas I have only experienced it in one area. Its interesting to me that my curls simply bounce but this is awesome tips to pass along to others!

  4. this happened to me a couple of months ago. I fell in love with my straight hair and got what i asked for lol. thankfully only my edges were damaged and I’ve been babying my hair and gradually clipping the damage as i go. i cant hack my baby off. lol. glad to know im not alone.

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