Type F Wants Me!

So i recieved an email from the producers of Tyra Banks’ Type F channel Youtube and they want me to be the Editoral Advisor to their Youtube Channel!!! I am so excited right now it’s not even funny! Of course i ACCEPTED IT!

We’d be honored to have you help us review some of our Type F hairstyle videos, acting as an editorial advisor and providing some feedback on that content.

I am more than happpy to help them out with this and this whole thing just feel so surreal! It’s crazy how things happen you know? Never in my wildest dreams did i imagine that something like this would happen for me but i’m glad it did!

I will be one of the Editoral Advisors along with the Owner of Naturalista Cosmetics, Padrica Norfleet, and one other lady whose name i can’t remember. We are just elated and we will do our best to bring great content to you guys… HHHHEEEYYY TYRA!

lol .. I sound like a groupie.

P.S I found out last night and was standing at the bus stop. I caused a scene i was so excited.

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  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! I wish they would have been proactive and reached out before the hoop-la….but that is great! Much success to you!

  2. Congrats!!!! This is what they should’ve done IN THE FIRST PLACE! Gotten some well-informed, knowledgeable DIY’ers from around the web! They are lucky to have you and I look forward to following!

  3. chicago chica says:

    Congratulations sis! I know that you and the other ladies will do an amazing job.

  4. This is refreshing news! For a moment, I perceived the whole TypeF channel to be a spoof – considering the content that was being presented. But, congrats on the opportunity! I so look forward to seeing the input/work of someone who is actually passionate (and knowledgable) about hair! =o)

  5. Miss Moss says:

    I wonder why they picked you of all?

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