TWA Cuties: Jae Lanae

When did you do the Big Chop?
I did my big chop September 24th, 2010

Have you ever had hair this short? If not, how does it affect you mentally?
I’ve had my hair short and tapered before but never short and curly. I feel like it gives me more confidence because I have no hair to hide behind anymore.

What are your staple products?
Right now, Olive Oil, Water, Veggie Glycerine, and Eco styler gel for twists

Whats your regimen?
I usually clarify with an Acv rinse (apple cider vinegar) once a week and cowash with any suave conditioner I pick up anywhere between 2-3 times a week. Other that that, I may mist my hair with Shea moisture hold and shine spray.

Whats your favorite hairstyle?
A blow out!!! Easy to style several different ways.

What are your hair goals?
Mainly to retain length and see how long it can grow. My Short term goal, to reach bra strap length.

Have you received any negative comments about your hair?
Many side comments: “you’re hair is too thick to go natural, you look like Florida Evans” or the side comments: “What are you doing with your hair and when are you going to do (straighten) it?”

What do you love most about your TWA?
Seeing the progress of growth and how healthy its growing

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