Tonight’s Natural Hair Chat TOPIC: How Do We Take Back The AA Hair Care Industry From The Asians?

If you don’t know or have never participated in natural hair chat, you have your chance to tonight!

Natural hair chat takes place every Sunday night on Twitter at 7 p.m Central/ 8 p.m Est. To participate, search and use the hashtag, #naturalhair.

You can also put the phrase “#naturalhair” in and follow that way as well!

Tonight’s Natural Hair Chat Topic is “ How Do We Take Back The AA Hair Care Industry From The Asians?””

If you have at twitter account, please participate because there is a whole natural hair community and you can get tons of answers to your answers.

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  1. We put our fear aside and learn to achieve. With positive support of sisterhood we learn to communicate with each other (networking). Research to gain proper knowledge. Shea butter is my best friends. I enjoy trying to create various #naturalhair recipes. I fully support vendors of natural, organic and raw. A few company’s will be out of business due to the number of women who are learning more about #naturalhair care.

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