The Twists Plus More

I have been going with an extremely low regimen lately so i have been keeping my hair in twists. I will wear these for like a week to 2 weeks at a time. I still co-wash and moisturize and seal but it does stop me from DCing. Not that i can’t, i just haven’t been lately and that has to change. I am trying to do things and while my hair is not taking a back seat, its role is decreasing and i am trying to K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Sista)

This is what my twistout looked like after 2 weeks of washing and cowashing my twists. I wouldn’t say that it was horrible because it wasn’t but i can say that i have had better twistouts. For this set, all i used was conditioner i believe. I’m out of Shea Moisture Curl Milk because i spilled in my luggage when i was traveling 🙁 . Yea it sucks cuz that stuff is $10.00 a bottle!!!! Well it’s worth every penny in my opinion.

Since i have been out here, i have managed to take on the responsibility of helping my mom with her hair, my sister’s hair, and my mom’s roomate’s hair. How this happened is beyond me. I just get sucked into the topic of hair and before i know it, the words “ill help you” just pop outta my mouth. Oh well… I have come to the conclusion that i will have to come up with a regimen for all of them.

My sister is transitioning, my mom just wants to grow her hair out (she doesn’t want to go natural), and her roommate wants to go natural but she is unsure of herself. I’m helping my mom grow out her edges so stay tuned. I have a post coming up about that as well.

I actually straightened my sister’s hair for her and she’s 4 months in. I shoulda took a picture of it but i didn’t because it slipped my mind. I don’t think i will be putting heat on her hair again any way.

Happy Hair Journey ladies!

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  1. Girl I feel you on doing ppl’s hair! I am doing the same thing with a few people. I love the twists girl, that’s my absolute favorite natural hairstyle.

  2. You have quite a journey ahead of you*Smile*
    Your hair is beautiful. Looks so thick and really healthy!
    I don’t have loose coils but I love to see women who do more than wear a ponytail with their natural hair. My fav style would have to be a twist out.

    Looking forward to reading on you manage to create a regimen for everyone.

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