The Many Mini Twists Are Back


Working out + School + Work = No play time for hair.

So what did i do to fix the problem? I put my hair in mini twists!

Because of my busy schedule, it took my 3 days today where usually it would only take me 12 hours to do it. Some say thats long but i beg to differ.

I cannot tell a lie do , i did them slightly bigger than i usually do but say lah ve’. I had to make it work.

I started off with an old blow dry from when i did a bantu knot out on my hair  so it was already kind of stretched. The last time i twsited my hair with mini twists used my Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy Leave- In… but im out 🙁 WWWHHHHHHYYYYYY!!!!

So i just used my Shea Moisture Curl Smoothie. Since my hair has been in this protective style, all i really do is moisturize and seal.

Yes i do wash my hair when its in these but not as often because

  1. If i wash to often it will get old too fast and im trying to make this last for at least 2 months
  2. Washing too often in these twists will cause my hair to lock up and i am not trying to have dreads
  3. I just really don’t need to

These will lasts because i will make them last.

P.S I am suffering from massive hairoxia (hair anorexia) and its really starting to get to me. No matter how long my hair gets, i just don’t feel like its long enough and looking at all the women that inspire me, i STILL feel bald headed.. i told my mom and she just <_< … straight side-eyed me

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  1. First of all, congratulations! I can only imagine you at the bus stop … lol, but what a blessing.

    Second, you have lots of length. I agree with your mom. I’m really trying hard not to get dispointed with my hair not growing quick enough, but it’s a process. Right now i wearing my hair twisted and loving the low maintenance

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Thanks for the congrats!

  2. Your hair is beautiful well it always is. I love the mini twist look but I can’t do it because I have to wash my hair to often and they will get messy quick. I would love to rock the same hair style for 1,2 or 3 months. I have tried in past and it always winded up in a waste of money on my part. I love your hair keep inspiring our naturalhair sisters.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Thank you so much!

  3. PerfecTen says:

    Your hair is beautiful! Makes me want to cry, because that is how my hair looked when i was younger, I was a teenager, and would put in mini-twists like those. Although i have been relaxing my hair for 10 years now, I so regret EVER starting. I am transitioning now and hope to get back to this! P.S, length should be the last thing you are worried about, cause your hair is loooooong! 🙂

  4. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous, and so is the length.

    It’s so full, as well, and it’s definitely long enough! I know what you mean about hair anorexia!
    I wear mini twists most of the time (I have been natural for most of my life, except for three years when I relaxed it. I had to grow it out, as it damaged my hair, badly, and started again (natural, since the mid 190’s) experimenting with different natural styles and products. Eventually, I found twists, then mini twists, which are so versatile, and have helped my hair to grow so much, retain length).

    Mini twists can be styled in so many ways( updos. buns, pony tails, bantu-knot sets, roller sets, etc, even a “straight” look ) , styled like loose hair.

    Hair anorexia! My twists are currently arm-pit length( I twist them while wet, so they have a curly, spiral look to them, which I love!) but because I’ve seen so many of my hair heroines with longer.fuller hair, I wonder if my hair is long enough, which is crazy!!!! It is! But I know exactly what you mean. And your hair has lovely length.

    Really enjoy your hair, and time will pass: you will then notice your hair has grown even longer and people will be admiring it. Time is really of essence, and keeping that hair healthy! 🙂

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