The Kid and her French Braid

So once again my spoiled little rugrat sister asked for another hairstyle. Her hair is very tightly coiled so i blow dry it every 2 weeks to avoid tangles. I used to let it air dry but not anymore and the only time that i do let it airdry is if i put it in braids 1st because i just got her ends trimmed and im not trying to have any set backs.

Anyway, she wore this French Braid on blow dried hair for about a week. Of course i had to redo it everyday ~rolls eyes~. I promise its like she goes to school in gets into fights on the playground because everytime she comes home, her hair looks like she was just rolling on the ground ~sigh~. But i digress, she will soon have her hair nice and out the way with some braid extenstions. Can you tell how excited i am about this?

She had been begging me to go by our uncle’s house for the weekend so she could play our cousin and i finally let her go. I was supposed to wash and detangle her hair but my day friday was sooo crazy that i just did not have time. So she just ended up leaving here on Saturday with a simple bun. All my aunt did was brush it up a bit while she was there.

I don’t like the idea of heat every 2 weeks but if i i keep it moisturized, it should have no ill effects on her hair.We shall see when we do a length check in maybe May? Yea but for now its low manipulation and moisture, moisture MOISTURE!  On a serious mission to retain her length.


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  1. Do you ever band her hair instead of blow drying?

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Yes i did and it took TOO long. i really didn’t like it. It’s either going to be blow dry every 2 – 3 weeks or the air dried braids

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