The Inevitable Frizz

As naturals, we tend to get the bad end of the stick when it comes to frizzy hair. I know how it is. You spend all night doing your hair in twist to get the “perfect” twistout but when you take it down, its not what you envisioned in your own head.

Frizzy hair is apart of being natural. Instead of trying to run from it, embrace it. Work with nature and the air to get the best possible hair that you can. Now are their ways to put a serious restraint on frizzy hair? Of course there is! But don’t think that you can learn how to do this over night and it also WILL NOT permanently get rid of frizz but it will surely help you get better definition.

  1. Moisture –You want to keep frizz at bay then you have to make sure you deep condition, moisturize and seal your hair. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. It just something you have to do. There is no miracle product that you will put on your hair and it will just automatically stop being frizzy if it is not takin care of from within.
  2. Low Manipulation –If you ever watch any of the naturals on youtube, you will notice a common theme amongst them. Unless they are straightening their hair or blowing it out, they do styles that you have to take down very carefully and they do not manipulate their hair alot at all when they are taking it down. Try taking your hair down from the roots instead of trying to run your hair down the entire length of your strands.
  3. Oil Your Fingers – If you set your hair with something such as a Cantu Shea Butter or a gel, this is not needed (usually but i would still use it). If you set your hair with nothing but water and conditioner, be sure to oil your hands while your taking it down so you won’t mess up the set. Water and conditioner is a very soft set and you can easily mess up your definition if you don’t have something on your fingers.

Now mind you, if you live in a very humid area such as myself, all the prepping in the world may or may not save your hair from the inevitable frizz but hey, its worth a try. Embrace it if thats the case!

That’s about it! I am sure there are other ways that naturals fight frizz but this is my suggested list. If you can think of any other ways, please do comment and share!

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  1. I was actually watching an episode on Dr. Oz on how to fight frizzy hair. He had a consultant on there that suggested you use spray on static remover. Now don’t spray it directly on your hair like hairspray LOL! But the person sprayed small amounts at a time into their hands and ran it through sections of the hair in a downward motion smoothing it through the hair. It seems like it probably would help with frizz. They also said you could use fabric softener dryer sheets because they help with static which is part of why hair gets frizzy. They rubbed the sheet on the hair in a gentle downward motion in the direction of the hair shaft all over the model’s hair. I haven’t tried it yet but I said I would eventually one day. Hope this helps!

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