That “Awkward” Stage of Natural Hair

Oh my hair. Not really a TWA and not really long enough to do what I really want.

le sigh

It’s at a length that I consistently do 2 strand twists with good result, but still awkward enough that I feel that I’m running out of creative options.

I think it irks me more because I’ve been through this once before, but then my hair was texturized and I trusted my lifelong hairdresser. Definitely a story for another day.

Right now and pretty much the entire summer, I’ve been rocking a handful of standard looks:

1)wash and go

This is a staple and works well after I run in the AM.  I tend to pair it with a

2)braided headband

IF I am lucky enough to make a braid ear to ear that doesn’t look like Captain Hook and a 8 year old got in a fight, this is perfect and I will wear it out for 3 or so days.  I find that it helps to accomplish this after I’ve already twisted the rest of my hair because I tend to grab pieces from the wrong place.


I love hair accessories.  I need to hit up Forever21/Etsy/make my own really soon.  I think head bands are great but sometimes don’t really hold my hair back because it’s at the ‘not really a TWA and not really long enough to do what I really want’ length.  The sides right by my temples always stick out awkwardly when I wash n go. Come to think of it, that area looks off to me 90% of the time.

4)braided/bobby pinned sides

Really easy but it really depends on my mood. I like this look when I’ve done a twist out or maybe day 2 twist out.  I think that it all depends on how your hair is feeling that day because sometimes you could think a style would be a good idea, but then it ends up looking a mess.

Overall this awkward stage has willed me to become more creative.  I think that it will only be a matter of months before it’s over and on to new and exciting challenges of being natural.


I have BEEN here before. What did you ladies do during this stage in your natural hair journey?

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  1. My hair is exactly at this stage and its my first time out so I am getting frustrated with the lack of variety of styles(some of its due to my lack braiding skills).

    1. I think that my lack of braiding skills play part in this as well. When it was longer(when I had a texturizer *shudders*) I could braid it with finesse, but at this length iStruggle.

  2. I am also at this stage, it’s very frustrating-ish
    and I usually do twist outs, once in a while I’ll
    do a braid out and put my twist out or braid out in
    a puff

  3. My hair is at this stage and I am pregnant. The only thing I can do without making myself overly tired is a puff. When I get more energy, I might try more.

  4. Natassjha05 says:

    This is my problem too! I can only plait and two strand twist. I’m thinking of getting a sew-in for the winter so my hair can grow some more but I’m afraid it will hurt (I’m very tender-headed). I would love to learn how to flat twist.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Thats what i did! Lol . I protective styled my way through that stage

  5. I am at my “why won’t it grow stage” as well. I’ve been natural a little over 6 months now and I think I’ve had about two breakdowns stemming from my lack of growth. LOL. But I know it will get better. Thanks for sharing you advice and your story.


  6. I primarily wore wigs when my hair was at that awkward length. I would rock my twist out for 2 maybe 3 days, but the minit it started lookin raggedy, I’d whip out my kinky textured wig and all would be well with the world. I have some short afro wigs that I’ve learned to wear as half wigs and incorporate the front of my hair to make it look like my own.

    I also wore a weave last year when it got cold and my hair did grow quite a bit. It’s been a year since and my hair grew just to the top of my shoulders! Guess what I did? I bc’d all over again! LOL. I’m now rocking a tapered twa.

  7. Headbands, big flower clips and head wraps.

    Ditto on the awkward hair at the temple – what ever direction it goes is just wrong.

    styles that help – strategically placed flat twists (especially for that temple area), bantu knot outs.
    Sometimes I just pick 2-3 styles and rotate. Uber-creativity will have to wait for now.

  8. As much as I am tired of my 6 inch (stretched) long hair options, I have to admit it makes me create some pretty awesome styles. I figure I’ll enjoy every part of this journey because my hair will be long someday. 🙂

  9. I love wearing a shrunken tapered fro so Im not really bothered by it. I figure I’m in it with 4-6in? Also When I stretch it out and see the length in all it’s awkward glory, yeah that wave of frustration comes crashing over me. My twistouts make me look ridiculous, I just end up spraying it with water and conditioner till it shrinks to a slightly bigger fro and then I can breathe. I love wowing people with my length. I’m just so amazed at how much it has grown in a year!

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