teacher cuts girls natural hair off

Teacher in MI Cuts Little Girls Natural Hair Off, Throws Away In Front Of Her

LINE STEPPER ALERT! LINE STEPPER ALERT! OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH NO! This woman has LOST HER MIND! She cut all this poor child’s natural hair off as a form of discipline??

MMMAAANNN listen, this could NEVER BE MY CHILD, MY SISTER, MY NEICE, MY NOTHING!!! Check this article below found at BGLH

teacher cuts girls natural hair off

Lamya Cammon is angry, confused, and scared by the incident last week in which the apparently frustrated teacher cut one of her braids off after she wouldn’t stop playing with them in class.

Cammon, 7, sports a few dozen braids, but one is conspicuously absent.

“She told me to stop playing with it. Then cut it off and sent me back to my desk,” Cammon said.

Cammon’s a first-grader at Congress Elementary and said her teacher used a pair of classroom scissors to cut off one of the braids after she absent-mindedly kept playing with them.

“Tell me how you play with your hair. Show me what that means,” 12 News reporter Nick Bohr said to Cammon.

“I wasn’t playing with it that loud,” Cammon said.

She said the teacher called her to the front of the room and cut it in front of the whole class.

“What did you do?” Bohr asked.

“I went to my desk and cried. And they was laughing,” Cammon said. “She threw it away, and she said, ‘Now what you gonna go home and say to your momma? ‘ And I said, ‘That you cut off my hair,'” Cammon said.

Not only did she this teacher cut this litte girls braids out, but she threw her hair away in front of her. I do not agree to this as a form of discpline at all especially if it’s not your child. The adult could have done better than this.

Ladies PLEASE speak on it. I want to hear your views and opinions on this. What if it was your child?

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    1. she needs to get her head examine. That child will remember that for her entire life. Ah smell money money money.

  1. Tonya Parker via Facebook says:


  2. KaTrina Harrison via Facebook says:

    as this child’s mother, i would’ve showed my entire black ass!!!!!

  3. Vernita Renee' Lewis via Facebook says:

    I would sue the school and teacher personally. And then whoop her head.

  4. Raschelle Witherspoon via Facebook says:

    lucky it wasn’t my child…. headlines wouldve read ” Mother violently beats teacher”!

  5. Terica J Hall via Facebook says:

    I would be in jail cuz I would beat the mess out that teacher and she would be bald

  6. Akyia Boston via Facebook says:

    I’m all for the, “it’s just hair” mentality sometimes but as a parent, that’s technically MY HAIR until the child is 18… and technically that’s improper physical interaction with a minor in my book! SMH!!

  7. Taylor Mcmillion via Facebook says:

    Oh hells nah.

  8. Anthony Garrett via Facebook says:

    See they would have had to call the cops up there as soon as i pulled up

  9. JoLai Draper via Facebook says:

    I remember this story. The teach was fined like $175 and transferred to another school. Never found out if the family took an action. That’s assault.

  10. Tonia Whitsett Carter via Facebook says:

    What is going on? People are losing their ever loving minds! Just wow.

  11. QueenBre Williams via Facebook says:

    This is like maybe 3 years ago. I remember when it first was reported. There were a lot of choice words said to her

  12. Rachael James-Hairston via Facebook says:

    And that’s when the fight would start cuz I would bust her entire head to the white meat!

  13. Tanisha Stevenson via Facebook says:

    I woulda beat the brakes off her a*s!!!! Smh

  14. Ava Butterscotch Davis via Facebook says:

    Teacher seriously overstepped her boundaries.

  15. Rose Pierre via Facebook says:

    I wonder how she would feel if someone cut her hair off stupid bitch

  16. Kelly Suchalady Young-Raymore via Facebook says:

    The whole thing. She would have quit that day. It sounds like the little girl might have some behavior issues that the teacher doesn’t know how to deal with. She told the mom she was very frustrated.

  17. RI RI via Facebook says:

    That heffa is bogus i hope that little girls mamma handeled that real.quickly

  18. Cecily McDowell via Facebook says:

    If this had of been my child we’d have one bald ass teacher!

  19. Ladynefertiti Bk via Facebook says:

    Now someone needs to go in there with a dull razorr and cut her hair off from the root.

  20. Raschelle Witherspoon via Facebook says:

    Article was originally posted in 2009

  21. Tawanda Harris via Facebook says:

    She would have gotten a serious beat down if that was my child!!

  22. It don’t matter if the little girl had behavioral problems, or that the teacher was frustrated. You Do Not touch someones child period. If she was being disruptive send her to the principal, you don’t do no mess like that. I agree with most of the ppl here that i would have been in jail.

  23. LaJa Wells via Facebook says:

    Safi Banks … Would you flip??? Lol!

  24. Kimmie Redd-Whew via Facebook says:

    Omg, she’s so cute, “I wasn’t playing with it loud.” This is awful.

  25. Cyndi Hoffard Miller via Facebook says:

    If I remember right, not too long ago there was a man close to where I live that was chopping off women’s ponytails….he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. I think he plead to less, but I don’t see much difference between the two stories. Any teacher that would touch my child’s hair would be picking her teeth out of her ass.

  26. Lakesha Dixon-Banks via Facebook says:

    just told hunny he would have to get bail money.

  27. Brittany Jackson via Facebook says:

    There would have been slow singing and flower bringing….

  28. Tia Williams via Facebook says:

    Omg! She has to be crazy!

  29. Wenefred Lozanguiez via Facebook says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhh helllll NO! If this was my child all hell would break loose. That teacher would have gotten a real good ass woopen

  30. Safi Banks via Facebook says:

    Would lose it! WOW. SMH.

  31. Katrina Genene Jervis via Facebook says:

    There would have been soooo much ass shown…so much!

  32. I’m sorry but if I was that girls mother… it would take everything in me to NOT kick that teacher’s ass up at the school. As a child I had loooong hair so this really hit home for me. knowing that that teacher would go that far and purposely cut that little girl’s hair is OUTRAGEOUS. She needs to lose her job because she can’t control herself in the workplace. Smh

  33. The teacher could actually get sued for a tort. She’s lucky the girl’s family hasn’t thought of that yet. That constitutes a battery in the legal sense of the word.

    1. cwalkmuz1 says:

      Definitely disciplinary action of Suspension w/o pay , court hearing and investigation. How dare that teacher. Parent should have been called on the spot. If not available then sent to the office or at least the teacher should have used the buddy system to give themselves some time away from the student until the teacher calmed down. This was Outrageous! !!!@CillaOA

  34. MaryHallElMakdah says:

    The president speaks about bullying and this teacher is prime example. she’s ignorant and needs to be fired. I worked with behavior children for 12 years and never mocked any of them in front of the class. Mr. Obama needs to explain to this woman what its like to be FIRED in front of our Great Nation.

    1. KenLiburd says:

       Obama don’t got shit to do with this. This is a School District problem. Some stupid ass person cut the girls hair. Everything is not political. Its just a dumb ass moved. If it was goldie locks hair she would be fired.

      1. Andy Enojada Alma says:

        Thank you!!!

  35. CurlyUmmiUmmKhaliyl says:

    I agree with another comment that everyone is missing. She should be sued. Yes she should be fired because it is clearly she has a problem. She doesn’t need to be around anyone’s children and why should u go to jail over hair that will grow back and she gets to walk around free as a bird?..

  36. MaryAnnCaffey says:

    I am simply floored!  I can’t believe that someone in this position would do such a thing.  If this was my child I would be locked up after pimp slapping this bitch and taking sheers to her head!  There are many different ways that this situation could have been handled and cutting the childs hair is not one of them!  Shame on you and I hope this teacher is held fully responsible for the shameful, degrading, not to mention, unconstitutional act she bestowed upon this innocent child!  SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

    1. KenLiburd says:

       The educational system does not work for black student. It has sold black boys down the road. The black girls that are in school to learn the system mistreat. Black mothers waste more time talking things that don’t matter. Than doing the things that really matters. The woman is still in the school working. That shows that the same school district does not care.

  37. Shakira Persaud via Facebook says:

    oh no she def would not have any hair or teeth… not right she shouldn’t have a job after this

  38. Pam Hubbard via Facebook says:

    when I was about three years old my mother took me to the daycare in pony tails when she picked me up i had a Jerry curl!! i can see this happening smh

  39. What happened to the teacher?  Anything?

    1. StrawberriCurls says:

      @ALM2 She got fined like $175 bucks.. that’s it

  40. selectfew62 says:

    Anybody gotta a pair of clippers and her location….sounds like she needs a taste of her own medicine!!!

  41. Monet Johnakin via Facebook says:

    WTF? So I would bein jail and the teacher would NOT worry about having to go to jail.

  42. LeticiaTSwanson says:

    Period point blank, that teacher would not have anybodies job. Wouldn’t want to teach kids again. And probably would never look at black hair the same. SMH I don’t understand how she would even think that was ok to do.

  43. Violence is not the answer in a situation like this. Now, would we love to beat the brakes off this teacher? The answer is yes. But that will only be temporary satisfaction to the issue. Why not go after all that she took years out of her life to build, her income and her job. We will only be teaching our children that violence is the answer to everything to solve a problem, even when its justifiable sometimes you got to do it the right way. Black people already get a bad rap on everything we do ……..even when its positive. So lets not show our ass everytime something goes wrong and instead be the civilized, intelligent original leaders we were created first to be. She will get hers because the most high will see to it………..BELIEVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Cyndi Hoffard Miller via Facebook says:

    no clue. Some sort of fetish, I guess.

  45. Pam Hubbard via Facebook says:

    Yes at the daycare lol without my mother permission.i.remember my mom my two aunts and their friend up there causing.a ruckus

  46. Next headline would have read “MOM CATCHES ASSAULT CASE AFTER TEACHER CUT CHILD’S HAIR”….. would need bail money

  47. The teacher SHOULD be charged by the DA’s office, with ASSAULT, because she assaulted the child.

  48. Mia Douglas says:

    I take it the bitch was white considering the fact that they didn’t show the teacher’s face. Wtf was that? They show criminals on the news everyday but wouldn’t show this bitch teacher’s face. You know what this is some straight bs. They didn’t want white people to look bad or they didn’t want this bitch teacher’s ass to get beat up. You white women better chill out or you are gonna get hurt up one of these days. I had the same issues with my white female teachers when i was this little girl’s age. White people need to start getting their asses beat they are taking their hate to the next level. I think the teacher and the school should be sued these white people keep thinking they can get away with whatever they do. It’s time to beat somebody’s ass.

  49. Dee Woods via Facebook says:

    This is OUTRAGEOUS! My child, my anything, NO- TO THE MA-AM! I would have lost any sense I had! This is INSANE!


  51. I would still be whopping her azz!!!!

  52. Jean-François Martel says:

    That teacher needs to be fired and sued. This is assault.

  53. Lord have mercy on her soul had she done this to one of mine.
    At the very least she would be missing a patch of hair…..Heck No! Pisses me off and this is not even my child. I hope she is not still teaching

  54. NgoZidisKo says:

    This is racial abuse. plain and simple. Shameful and disturbing.

  55. Alesha Robinson says:

    No…That is so disrespectful.

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