Stylists are perming your hair, and you don’t even know it!

I am a member on LHCF ( and a fellow LHCFer who is a hair stylist posted some very disturbing news.

Hello all!

Here’s the deal. I’m a junior stylist in a natural salon that doesn’t straighten hair. So a few of our clients just opt to go elsewhere to get their hair straightened. Recently a few of our clients have been telling us stories of salons mixing relaxers with conditioners in order to get their hair straighter. I’ll give two examples.

First example. A client used to get Dominican blowouts. She was short on time and just stuck with a rollerset. She’s a solid 4b. When I saw her she had broken pieces at her scalp and her hair was straightish/curlyish and not quite 4 anymore. She said the minute they rinsed the dc out her hair was no longer it’s texture. After the rollerset she said her hair just went downhill.

Second example. A clients hair was originally SL. When I met her I assumed she had recently BC’d and still had relaxed ends. She informed me that she’s been natural for years and that she’s only been getting it pressed. But on the last press her hair was sleeker and shinier than usual. She said her stylist mixed something but she wasn’t paying attention and since she didn’t smell anything she didn’t think anything was up. She did say that she got a 15 minute dc with whatever was mixed. After it was all said and done her hair gradually fell off and she now has only 2 inches of hair. She still has straight ends but I just felt bad cutting it all off.

I could go on but I think you guys get it. If you go to a salon where they complain about the thickness of your hair or things like that don’t let them touch your hair. Both of these ladies had thick hair 4 type hair. My guess is that they are just putting it in and not neutralizing afterwards. I can’t think of any places that shampoo after a dc.

I don’t normally start threads but there was enough people to make me see that something is afoot. Why people would do such a nasty thing is beyond me.

She warns that stylist are relaxing our hair and passing it off as conditioner! Please ladies, please be careful of who you let in your hair because the next thing you know, you could wake up the next morning and all of your hair falls out of your head.

Some stylist, not all, tend to get this attitude about themselves that they know everything and you can’t tell them anything and to do so would be offensive to them. It really is disheartening because it gives the stylists that actually give a damn about your hair, a bad name.

I know many women on,,, and other hair sites that have nothing good at all to say about hair stylists and THIS is one of the main reasons why.

Am i saying that all stylists are the devil? No, not by a mile but what i am saying is that if your going to go to one, find a good one that won’t do stuff like slip relaxer into a conditioner treatment. That is just evil…

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  1. and this is exactly why i dont go to stylist! they think that everybody wants a perm and that the right direction to go. i only trust my hands in my hair because i know what im putting in it.

  2. Every time I read about a story like that I am incredulous! Like I honestly can’t believe any TRAINED PROFESSIONAL of any field would do something so obviously wrong. SMH.

  3. this happened to me. i had almost waist-length hair and let a friend’s stylist straighten it trying to save money because he was in school. he kept mentioning some mizani hair conditioner. i was very firm in the fact that i don’t wear my hair straight usually, and that i was just pressing for a change. i had a former hairdresser that was absolutely fabulous but she was on tour with maxwell because she’s fly like that. lol.

    …after he used that conditioner on my hair and pressed it… it went from a curly fro to long waves and wouldn’t fro AT ALL. i don’t have the tightest texture, but i definitely went from black to mexican in 20 minutes. had to cut my hair all down to one inch and start over. will never ever trust just anybody with my hair again.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      That’s so sad. Sorry that happened to you

      1. Holy. crap. Do we even realise how serious this is? It’s like sabotage or warfare, like they’re ‘prooving’ that something’s wrong with our hair the way it is. We really need to take serious action should this happen; better yet, let your hands be the only ones that touch your hair. The mere fact that these stories are popping up so often means these folks are getting away with murder. Foolishness.

  4. Oh wow that’s so sad. I can’t believe anyone would do such a thing. Thats horrible. If I ever decide to go toa stylist, they will have natural hair and only work on natural hair.

  5. And this is why naturals are so weary of stylist. It’s a shame. Natural salons may have to incorporate blow outs and flat irons.

    1. Rhonda SanDiego says:

      As a non-natural, I am wary of them too… As a child, I had 2 dramatic experiences… As an adult 2 more…I do my hair myself faster… when I had short hair I was a slave to the stylist, but now… I’m good.

  6. Jasmine Rose says:

    I suggest you wash an dc before you got to a stylist. And let it only be a natural hair stylist

  7. Deborah~Duh bore Ruh says:

    this is just frightening…

  8. I have recently experienced this and I had natural hair for over three years. I initially went to a Dominican Salon so that I was able to get my natural hair trimmed. I believe in my heart perm was mixed to the leave in conditioning cream and my hair now has fallen out in chunks, since I washed my hair one week later. I need help on how to undo the damage done. Would I need to wash my hair with a neutralizing shampoo? If anyone can honestly guide me, I would truly appreciate it. I am shy and highly embarrassed by this situation. I was a skeptic with salons and this experience has permanently scarred me.

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