Stylist Cuts Little Girl s Braids Out After Mom Didn t Pay

Mom Didn’t Pay So This Stylist Cut This Little Girl’s Hair Off

Stylist Cuts Little Girl s Braids Out After Mom Didn t Pay

Please don’t let me find this woman’s instagram!

While working in the service industry, small business owners sometimes run the risk of being bamboozled by clients who try to wiggle out of paying. One Louisiana hair stylist by the name of Crystal Collins recently became a hot topic of social media discussions for cutting out a little girl’s braids after it began to seem like the girl’s mother wasn’t going to pay her. She then posted photos of the child on Instagram—a decision that attracted mixed opinions.

“One thing I don’t play about is my money. I try to be patient with everybody but I will not get played,” she captioned the photo of the child with her braids cut out.

After receiving a ton of harsh criticism for her decision, she decided to further explain her actions. According to Crystal, the child’s mother made an appointment to bring her in to have her hair braided. After waiting close to two hours for the woman and child to arrive, she did the girl’s hair while her mother ran errands.

“When I was almost finished, I texted the child’s mother and told her she can come,” Crystal wrote. “She said okay about 20 minutes.”

After waiting for the woman for almost another two hours, Crystal said the child’s mother claimed to have a flat and so she drove the child home herself. Interestingly, once they arrived to the apartment building as directed by the child’s mom, she didn’t pick up her phone. It was later revealed by the girl that her mom had actually directed them to her grandmother’s house.

“The lil’ girl says, ‘This my grandma house. My mama stay down the street.’ So I take her there, she gets out and goes in the house.”

Crystal says she waited around some more because the child told her that no one was home except her brothers. After it became clear that she was being given the run-around, Crystal reacted.

“She finally answers and sounds unsure as to how I’m going to get my money. So then we come up with the decision that she will bring it to my house, so I leave. Then I realize I think she’s trying to play me, so I turn around and head back to her house.”

After calling the woman a few more times and sending a text message informing the woman that she would just wait at her home for the money, Crystal summoned the child back outside and cut her braids out.

“I cut the braids out and went on about my business. At the end of the day, I spent 9 hours away from  my kids for nothing. Y’all wasn’t in my shoes or in my position. I have to take care of my three babies and I will do what I have to do to let it be known that I don’t play when it comes to my job or supporting my family.”

While some seem to feel that Crystal did the right thing, others felt her actions were completely unprofessional and that she made matters worse by sharing the child’s photo on social media.

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As a professional, I understand that our time is money more than anyone but THIS is completely unacceptable. There is no excuse for it, rhyme or reason. The mom didn’t pay ok so what! Just choose to never service her again! How could you do this to a child? She is innocent in all of this. This is just ignorant. I wonder how much business she thinks she is going to get after this? Then on top of that she posted it on social media. Crazy!

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  1. Natural Angel says:

    I don’t blame her I would have cut them out also. So sick of people tryin to get over on people. If she couldn’t afford to have her daughters hair done professionally. Pull out the brush comb and Vaseline and do it yourself.

    1. I agree. That was not easy to do, and it took a lot of time and expertise.

    2. What the heck is wrong with you? Two wrongs do not make a right. She should brought up on charges. It’s illegal to physically touch another human being without their consent, especially a child. Her reasons are ignorant.

  2. Why do people expect strangers to care more about a stranger’s child than that child’s parent? Her mother obviously didn’t care what happened to her. She didn’t care about wasting the stylist’s time. She was a hustler whose actions hurt her OWN child. Place the blame where it should be placed. With her trifling momma!! And who puts that much fake hair on a little girl’s head in the first place. SMH..

    1. Proud Parent says:

      i am a parent and no one loves my children more than I do. That mother was dead wrong but so was the the stylest. She should never have posted that baby’s pictures and the fact the the mother didn’t seem to care about what happened to her little girl should have moved her to feel bad for the child…not take her frustration out on her. Not only that, as a professional providing a service for fee what that mother did was actually theft and she coulld have filed a complaint. It’s a child and parents mistreating their child doesn’t give another person the right to do it. If that mother was abusing her kid would you argue that anyone else could abuse the kid snce the mother does. It doesn’t make any sense.

      1. CoCo Roux says:

        Yes you are a proud parent with common sense. My heart breaks thinking about that little black girls self-esteem. No amount of money would move me to do something so callous as to retaliate on a small child to get back at the mom. That to me is absolutely “SORRY.”

    2. Keva Williams says:

      Well now when my child was 7 I added braids for length with she wore a pony tail with beads and I don’t SMH at that decision, just saying….LOL
      However I 100% percent agree with the mother being a hustler and her actions cause the end result. She went to that stylist with INTENT to scam her and it backfired.

    3. CoCo Roux says:

      I don’t expect strangers to harm my kids either. You got it twisted. Vigilantism is against the law. What she did wrong was accept the responsibility of providing a service to a minor “in her care” at her business. It is irrelevant that the Mom is scandalous, that is an entirely different conversation. The question at hand is does the business owner/service provider have the right to take back products or services if not paid. What if it was a haircut, what would she have done? The same would be true for an emergency room parent going awol on the kid. Should the medical providers retract the services ie: cast. blood transfusion etc. Your premise is ill thought and juvenile. Yes, you might be right about the Mom. But, plain wrong about the stylist. She is unprofessional and liable for assault on a minor.

      1. nerrivik18 says:

        Cutting hair is not assault under any law of the land. You’re trying to come up with “reasons” justify the mom’s entitlement. Ridiculous. The stylist went above and beyond the call of duty which was to style hair for payment; not for free, not to be a driver. “The question at hand is does the business owner/service provider have the right to take back products or services if not paid.” The answer is ABSOLUTELY especially when its possible to do so. Courts are backed up enough with stupid claims that people can resolve on their own like the hairdresser did. The criminal mom didn’t think her crime through, that’s her fault and she used her child as an accomplice. Now, THAT’S CHILD ABUSE according to the law. People get this one track idea that the only form of “abuse” comes in the form of “laying hands on someone”…. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially when it comes to children. Knowingly putting them in harms way by committing a criminal act, which is what this mother did, IS abuse. Whether the mother is stealing hair services or robbing a bank, if she’s bringing her child along she is an unsuitable mother and should be JAILED for endangering the life of a minor (not taken to small claims court).

    4. tashastangles says:

      No one can “expect” a stranger to care more for their child than they do, but thank God some of us do! I am a foster parent and parent and I know some kids dont have guidance, love, or protection. It takes a village. Both adults were both wrong. I confront adults…not kids.

    5. Six words was that the girls real hair?

  3. Once she put the pics on social media is where she went wrong, that was unprofessional. I can’t blame her for getting upset after what she had to deal with. The mother was wrong and knew she was wrong. The mother was banking on the stylist being sympathetic because who would think someone would cut braids out? But if you don’t have the money, don’t book the appointment.

  4. what goes around???
    I understand about not getting paid. I really do!
    I don’t understand a grown woman (??? ADULT???) USING a child to vent her anger and hostilities. I would never visit this woman- I don’t know that I could TRUST her with my hair, with my image-how would I know if she is talking about me or my hair to others or using my hair, its condition or design on social media-without my permission-to get more business. Hope her CHILDREN are never damaged by an adult such as her misbehaving so badly.

    1. Nerrivik18 says:

      But somehow you “understand” a mother (ALSO ADULT) using her CHILD to screw another adult over?? You understand the mother doing something (stealing) that would put HER CHILD in a situation where this could happen in the first place, really?? What goes around is right, the mother stole and abused of the hairdressers labour so the hairdresser took back from that mother labour. Karma couldn’t have been more precise. Children learn by example and this woman is teaching her child to be a THIEF and a criminal like her! That lesson needed to be unlearned from the child ASAP and that’s what the hairdresser did, remove the seed of criminal behaviour this “mother” had planted in the mind of her child by showing her how to screw people over. The world needs more people like that hairdresser!! The mother committed the worst offense. The hairdresser was standing up for herself and her WORK which is entirely right! That hairdresser did what that joke of a “mother” failed to do, TEACH. Now, the little girl knows that this is what happens when you steal from someone; they will come back and take what’s RIGHTFULLY theirs. The mother is selfish and put her needs first rather than raise her child right. Seriously, have the “hairdresser drive the child home”?? A GOOD MOTHER would never do that. I have no problem chastising that criminal, she’s a complete disgrace. Children are not “stupid” or “innocent” they see and understand what goes on around them even if they say nothing, their minds are working so they know when “something’s not right”. That girl now understands that “no, not everyone will roll over and “accept” being played, period. And better she learn it now when she’s young cuz clearly her “mother” didn’t have that luck as a child herself. “The hairdresser just doesn’t have to accept doing her hair again”… Why would that “mother” come back to the same hairdresser “again” after knowing the hairdresser is “waiting for her money”? That mother will simply move on to another unaware hairdresser and continue her thieving. Saying and doing “nothing” is tantamount to saying “It’s ok, continue to steal”. Silence helps the criminal, not the victim. That’s how crime continues, you get away with it once then you push your luck and try again elsewhere. You have to pull the weeds (i.e. criminal mothers) that are in the garden (the community), not let them spread! That hairdresser nipped the problem in the bud.

      1. CoCo Roux says:

        Two wrongs never make it right. Somebody needed to be the adult and the professional. Just Ignorant and unfortunate.

        1. nerrivik18 says:

          Somebody needed to be the MOTHER and the hairdresser played that role and the professional perfectly. “Two wrongs don’t make a right” true, but there only ONE wrong here, the criminal-mom’s stealing.

  5. Overseas Teacher says:

    The problem I have is that she took her anger out on the child and not the intended recipient (the mother). This is awful and as a mother she should have been more sympathetic to the child for having a dishonest mother. Did she get her money after cutting the child’s hair?…NO! She could have easily taken her to small claims court or even went and got Pookie and nem to pay a visit to her house. That was ridiculous and shows just how low people will go. They are both in the wrong. The poor child is a victim of a stupid mother and a stupid hair stylist.

  6. Endenezjia Graham says:

    I understand why she did what she did but posting it online was the WRONG thing to do.

  7. glamupwithneecee says:

    The mom was planning on scamming and never coming back but to go find another stylist to scam when its time for the daughter’s hair to get done again…. I feel this isn’t the first time and now she has been stopped in her tracks. She needed to get taught a lesson. The problem with ppl is they use kids to play on others heart strings. The stylist does beautiful work all you have to do is pay and there is no problem . I doubt she will lose business you sit in the chair pay and go home no problem….

    1. Taught a lesson? Yea the mom is a loser, but your comment is horrible. It’s assault. Jail

  8. She only cut her work out , not the child’s real hair. The parent is fully responsible. stylist should ask for half up front and the other at the half to ensure they get their money. ppl have done it to a stylist i know and her children suffered as well they loss time and possibly a meal or maybe even loss utilities. That’s just my opinion. I’m not sure about posting a pic but it will definitely let the next person know what will happen if they try it. Just like any other job, if i work i wanna get paid.

  9. Superfan ( of Atlanta ) says:

    I do not blame her, I almost expect to get compensated for sitting on my behind the 8 hrs. To get my braids did. I can’t imagine standing on your feet 9 hours, fingers cramping, back hurting and not getting paid. Folks should be bashing this mom for not caring about HER daughter, not the stylist for repoing her hard work. How can cutting braids out damage a child? What form of abuse is that?

    1. Common sense says:

      So that makes it right? Because of the “stylists” hard work. Because of her hours of working. Because the braids came out professional, because blah blah blah. Humans first! Money second. yall need to get your priorities straight. The stylist should have been brought up on charges. This is assault, even if the braide came out nice. Yea because that’s all that matters is braids coming out nice. Not humanity, or respect of professionalism or obeying the laws and not assaulting a child. morons. Uneducated idiots!

      1. how is this assault? how is cutting braids/extensions hurtful?

      2. Superfan ( of Atlanta ) says:

        Why should the stylist care more about that child than the mom who knew she wasn’t going to pay when she sent HER child there with the intent to steal from this stylist.

  10. IrishPenny says:

    I agree with Gabrielle. You do not do that to a child and you Do not post it on social media.

  11. Keva Williams says:

    I definitely think cutting the braids out was the RIGHT thing to do! The mother was on some bullshit out the gate. Basically used the stylist as a hair salon and daycare. Then ducked and dodged her literally. Hell nawl she should not of got to wear that wonderful hairstyle. My gawd that stylist put in work, it was very detailed! She did not cut the little girls real hair and it serves the mama right to have to take down braids… Now…as far as her posting the picture showing the little girls face…. I disagree…that was wrong….HOWEVER… Had she blurred the child’s face….then fine post it. People need to know you can’t keep scamming folks.

    1. says:


      1. Keva Williams says:

        To each his own in how they handle situations. Every stylist is different and handle things accordingly. I STILL AGREE very much with the stylist actions ( tho as I stated she should blurred the child’s face or not even posted the end results and just cut the braids out, spoke on what actions she took and keep it moving ) true the stylist didn’t get her money….
        but why should that mom get to brag about a hair style she scammed to get?

        I think not!

        Her mama had to redo her entire head and that’s totally fair.

        Her mother should also be a mother and tell the child she did someone wrong, no say I tried to “steal” your hair style and the stylist “took” it back.

        Could this situation been handled differently…. well…that varies person to person…stylist to stylist….. there is no right or wrong way…at least not to me. There are just OPINIONS about how each of us felt we could handled it…. yes we all feel “somekindaway” because the child ended up with the “bold end of the stick”…. but the stylist made a valid points and if she loses customers, so be it, I’m sure she was/is ready for backlash, but she is also ready for new customers who agree with her actions and trust her quality of work on their heads and she will accept the gain AND the loss. This situation is lesson to be learned on both sides. YES WE HAVE TO DO BETTER ON BOTH SIDES.

        1. CoCo Roux says:

          You got issues too. Tell me another business where this is standard practice. Even if you stole something from Macy’s I guarantee, they will NOT assault you. They are going to call the law on you. What the stylist did was on MANY levels wrong, immoral, non christian like, hateful, resentful, abusive. Like the lady mentioned if the Mom is abusing the child does that give you the right too? Look inside your heart lady and examine what your saying. It is okay to harm a kid over some change? She should learn from this and have better business practices. She is really lucky the law did not get involved.

        2. Keva Williams says:

          Funny we got “issues” when the opinions vary. Tis it is, what it is. But, harm the child? She did not, and law was gonna say what? She didn’t kidnap the girl, she didn’t rip her hair out from the scalp, she didn’t harm or abuse the girl… no blood shed happen… humiliation maybe if mother left her head that way for a number of days…. their is no law against that…. especially since its not ongoing like bullying would be against the law.. I stand by what i said and feel about the subject as we all have varying opinions about it…. and just to be clear, what the stylist did does not constitute any form of abuse as defined under DHS and CPS.

        3. nerrivik18 says:

          “Even if you stole something from Macy’s I guarantee, they will NOT assault you. ”

          You’re comparing apples and oranges. Macy’s (a huge department store/conglomerate) will take your thieving ass to court because it has the deep pockets and lawyers to do so. Now, the “small shop owner/lone hairdresser” will try to catch you AND TAKE BACK WHAT YOU STOLE and no one, not the police or a judge will say you were wrong for taking back what was stolen from you. And certainly no cop of judge will say that you “assaulted” the thief because you took back your property. LOL sorry that’s the most funny yet ridiculous argument I ever heard! Even if the law had gotten involved, it would have sided with the hairdresser because 1. the child was NOT HARMED and 2. if the mother didn’t want any of this to happen she should have paid, so she created a situation. Afterall, you have to wonder why the mother didn’t call the cops when the hairdresser so-called “abused” her child…hmmm, could it be because no assault took place and because SHE was the one who stole and broke the law and wasn’t about to call the cops on herself??

          Again, cutting fake hair isn’t abuse or “harming” anyone. Get a grip. The hairdresser didn’t take the kid hostage, the kid wasn’t threatened, called names or hurt in any way. You’re just playing the “mommy-heartstrings” card. The “mother” destroyed her child’s self esteem and humiliated her, not the hairdresser. Also, what is “some change” to you is a meal to another and slavery (afterall, what else is working for free if not slavery). The mother is an embarrassment to her daughter, the race and the only one who committed a wrong here. If people have “issues” for standing for what’s right you have bigger one for demanding that people turn a blind eye to obvious criminal behaviour and ACTUAL child abuse “just because the criminal is a mother”.

        4. Of course there’s a right and wrongand if you don’t know that, you have bigger problems than answering comments here. It is WRONG to assault a child. It IS WRONG to take out your anger on a child. Surprised this “stylist” is not in Jail

        5. Keva Williams says:

          The child was not ASSULTED! Where is the little beat up, or harmed, did the little girl get her ass beat? NO. The stylist removed the hair style. That’s not assault and does not require jail time. PUH LEESE! Learn what assault is so you will know when it happens to you/friends or family.

  12. Agreed the mother should have paid but the sum total of what this woman did should be punishable by law because she violated this child’s rights and the only thing I can say is CHILD ABUSE!

  13. The bottom line is how much business did this move make her lose? Hmm…Social media has a wayof destroying those who intended it for their benefit!

    1. nerrivik18 says:

      he bottom line is how much business did this move make her lose?
      A: Only the business of people who don’t pay, so no real business at all.

    2. She is still working, Her skills speak for themselves. Honest people that want good work will have no problem sitting in her chair.

  14. I can’t stand people who want something for nothing. I’m sorry the girl had to suffer, but maybe she’ll learn not to act like her mom. I totally understand where the stylist was coming from. I don’t blame her. Let her mom fix her hair now.

    1. So this taught the mom and child a lesson. Because assault is OK as long as nobody gets a free ride and a lesson. Idiot!

      1. why go to name calling? how is this assault ? yes publicizing it was uncalled for but cutting the braids, not the child’s hair actual hair? nope. the braids are still in, just not in good shape because she refused to get bamboozled

        “In common law assault is the act of creating apprehension of an imminent harmful or offensive contact with a person. An assault is carried out by a threat of bodily harm coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm.”

  15. Despite the mom she should not have punished the little girl. Sometimes you just have to chalk up negative events to experience and lessons learned. So thumbs down on the stylist for cutting the braids of the child. She had to sit for hours to have it done and of course the actions of her mother was not her fault. Shame for posting it on social media.

  16. Keva Williams says:

    I keep reading folks stating the child was “abused” and mistreated…. The stylist simply removed a scammed hairstyle from the child’s head, she did not cut the girls real hair, nor did she physically hit the child, or verbally abuse the child.

    The child may have said mom please fix my hair tonight so I can go to school. Now if the mom decided she didn’t want to take it all the way down and fix right away… well for as long as it took the mother to redo her hair, the child may have “looked” a mess because it was cut on purpose in a way so the scammed hair style could not be worn.

    That is not the stylist fault…..

    I don’t call that abuse, and the child will not be mentally scarred for life behind this (well let me say since I don’t have a degree in mental issues I will say I ASSume she wont be) but….. lets place the word abuse where it should go… on the child’s mother.

    The child’s mother ABUSED the stylist, (in my opinion she did) she abused the stylist time, she abused the stylist gas in her car by having her drive dummy missions looking for her, the mother abused her daughter by using her as pawn in her scam…. I say place the word abuse in its rightful spot…. on the trifling ass mother who gave no fucks about the consequences she might of faced…. Im sure scamming is the mother M-O and she wasn’t expecting it to backfire like it did… abuse to the child… NO…

  17. Lapreghiera says:

    This is why you charge a deposit up front, or a fee for missing the appointment time, not to go thru these hassles. The mother obviously had the intent to scam, but the stylist set herself up on the front end for taking her late w/o payment/deposit, even if I’m braiding hair in my kitchen. I mean, we know our folks … Wouldn’t have been all this running around trying to drop the little girl off, it would’ve been bring the money on time, or CPS for abandonment, and let her deal with that.
    There are little girls in Nigeria who were abducted from school and being sold into marriages/sexual slavery/whatever, this little girl will be OK without the braids. Our kids love us unconditionally, but as they grow they will continue to see we are just people who do stupid stuff and sometimes a child will suffer because of it. Only thing hurt are her feelings.

  18. april houston says:

    I’m just going to say what I would have done. I would have filed charges against the woman and yes con artist is a crime lol and then I would have chaulked it up as a good deed for a child and next time all moms will sit in w/ their kids or no service. God will bless anyone for doing good to a child.

  19. Shit in some states that would be child abuse. She better watch out now that it got posted all over the net. She might get her business shut down, it might not have been worth it in the end.

  20. The mother was wrong, but the stylist did not make the situation right by cutting the child’s hair. What she should have done was taken the police with her to the grandmother’s address (or found out where the mother lives) and pressed charges against her for theft. She could have also taken the child with her to the police station and waited there for the mother. My question is, what kind of mother would leave their child with an unknown person that you know nothing about that you are trying to scam. They should call social services on her. Stylist, look as it as your good deed; it’s a highway to heaven and you are walking up the King’s highway.

    1. I thought the same thing when the stylist said she took the little girl home RED FLAG!! What kind of mother allows her child to get in a car with a stranger? She doesn’t know if she has a licence, dui’s, a safe car. It’s obvious she was running game she just didn’t think the stylist would take it there with a child

  21. so what if she didn’t pay why the fuck would cut her hair the fuck you don’t how long her hair was or any thing you didn’t pay u or think befor you do crazy ass and if you were going to smoeone hair u should have cut the moms not the child

    1. She didn’t cut the child’s real hair only the weave.

  22. DomSharee says:

    This sickens me and pisses me OFF! This article also proves the saying, “Everything is not for everybody” true; because this “business woman/owner” definitely should not be in business working for herself by herself or with the public. The way this should have been handled is a policy in place for situations such as these so that the ratchet, ghetto, hoodrat way she handled wouldn’t have happened, but see this is what happens when somebody attempts to do something they were never meant to do. Was it so hard to ask for payment in advance? Her simple reasoning could have been: “Since you are leaving I will require payment up front as you are a new client and this is part of our new client policy.” Problem solved, professionally. I don’t understand why it is so hard for some to think with common damn sense. Geez. I want to also say had this been my child she would not only not have gotten paid but I would have proceeded to beat the shit out of her for a) putting my child through that and b) posting my child to her Instagram page. She got the right one, so she needs to hush up, take some classes on how to run a business, and thank the Lord she still has her life, health, and strength.

  23. She should’ve called the police and said the mother abandoned the child, once that mother arrive then ask for the money in front of the cops. If she refuse to pay or says she didn’t have the funds, she should’ve pressed charges right then and there. The mother would have to pay to get out of jail on a theft charge, child abandonment, and pay restitution. Betcha she won’t leave her again!!!!

  24. MotherofTwo says:

    I would’ve taken the little girl with me to the cops and explain the situation.. This little girl’s mother literally abandoned her child with the stylist.. The woman could’ve have posted something about this woman, that has probably given other stylists the same run around, to forewarn others before they become victims as well. However, she should have never involved the child by posting pictures.. I have nothing against taking the braids out if they were put in and I’m sure the police would’ve backed her up on it (but I still would’ve fixed her hair up nice again, so she wouldn’t feel so bad).. It’s not so much of what was done, but how it was done. The little girl looks old enough to understand, the stylist could’ve explained that what her mother did was wrong and why, without taking her anger out on her like that. I don’t know the stylists situation, maybe that money made the difference between paying rent for the month, the electric bill or food in her children’s mouths but she still could’ve have handled the situation better.. I would have used that opportunity to teach this woman’s daughter a REAL lesson, so maybe she could learn from her mother’s mistakes.. Her mother clearly didn’t have the money to pay and she put her daughter in the middle of this mess.. Neither of them are right, the child is the real victim and I’m sure she felt bullied and humiliated, not only did mommy leave her high and dry but the stylist took her anger out on her when she did nothing wrong.

  25. I think what that sorry but stylist did to that child was hateful and despicable! A real pro would sue for payment. How would she feel if that little girl’s relative took what she did out on her three kids? She’s a trifling woman and I hope she pays for what she did to that innocent child. Anyone agreeing with her obviously don’t believe children are precious and should be protected and not pay for their parents mess ups!

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