Strawberricurls Spotlight: Dominique-Alexis

How long have you been natural and when did you BC?
Hi I’m Bunny and I’ve been natural for ten years (my whole life!). My big sister helps me take care of my hair! My hair is changing textures, which means it’s getting coarser. This make it a little bit harder for me to learn how to take care of my curls, but I know I can do it!

What are your staple products and hairstyles?
My staple products are Darcys Botanical’s of course! Their daily leave in conditioner leaves my hair soft and smooth while their Madagascar Styling Cream leaves my cornrows super shiny!

Braided mohawks are my VERY favorite hairstyle in the world =)

What is your regimen?
I wash my hair six braids with Darcys shampoo and then deep condition while I’m in the shower for about ten minutes. I rinse right before I get out and my sister moisturizes and detangles my hair for me. After that she stretches in Ghana braids for styling or does braids/twists for a down and out style!

What are your natural hair goals?
I want my hair to be long enough for me to sit on!

How do you keep your hair intact overnight?
Silk pillow case and a hair scarf!

How do you maintain length?
Protective styles, finger detangling instead of combs, and lots of moisturizer!

Name 1 reason you went natural and why you love being natural.
I’ve always been natural, but I want to stay natural because I love to rock my BIG HAIR! Make you check out our website:!


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  1. This is such a nice article! It gives hope…thanks for sharing 🙂 and I Loveeeeee her hair!

  2. Nice article. Dominique hair is beautiful and so is she. Teaching my daughter to embrace her natural curls. Telling me she wants straight hair at 6 😉 But, the more I work with her hair, the more I see she loves it.

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