StrawberriCurls Mail:”I’m having trouble with dry scalp in the winter”

Dear Strawberricurls,

I’ve been having trouble with a dry scalp lately. I guess its the cold air this time of year, but would you happen to have any suggestions? i’ve tried putting jojoba oil on my scalp after my washes and i also tried a hot oil treatment with it [oil my scalp then sit under a hooded dryer, haven’t tried actually warming the oil itself] but neither one seems to combat the issue.

Have you tried overnight oil rinses? In the winter you really have to kick up the moisture you add to your hair so try adding shea butter to your deep conditioner, follow it up with an oil rinse and rinse it out the next morning. Use olive oil as your base for your oil rinse and add whatever other oils you would like to to your mixture. I find that olive oil alone though does the job quite nicely. Sleep with a shower cap on and rinse your hair (not scalp) with conditioner the next morning. Let me know how it works out for you! HHJ!

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  1. I swear by shea butter for my hair! I would also suggest perhaps washing less often or putting a light soothing/moisturizing oil on the scalp every other day. A lot of people like peppermint, tea tree, lavender, rosemary essentials in a carrier oil (I favor a jojoba/almond/castor mix). Also, spraying water on your roots /scalp and sealign with a bit of oil can be a great way of moisturizing as can wearing bonnet lined hats to combat winter wind and dry air.

  2. I’ve found spraying leave-in conditioner on my scalp after shampooing and conditioning the hair helps tremendously. Black Vanilla Leave-In conditioner by Carol’s Daughter is my favorite. No more itchy, flaky scalp.

  3. Wanda Renee says:

    I am having scalp issues right now. I think I am gonna try some peppermint oil and castor oil.

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