S**T New Orleans Girls Say

Yall know where i from. I always remind yall, i always tell you but I really need to show yall one reason why i love my city.

We. play .all .day

If im in another city for an extended period of time people tell me all the time that “I play too much”..

Yea yea its true but its how and where i grew up. We rib all day (what yall call roasting). We stay cracking jokes left and right. Even down to the fashion in which im writing this post, that New Orleans side comiin outta me. LOL

Enter #TeamPissYoPants. They did an entire youtube video on Shit New Orleans Girls Say. Now Im gonna tell yall to watch this at your own discretion. There is a lot of profanity in it and its not really work safe if you plan on blasting your speakers.

The hard part is most chicks from New Orleans really say all this stuff. Lol

Hope yall get a good laugh out of it.

S/O TO @PISSYOPANTS ON TWITTER! I FULLY support anybody trying to make a come up in New Orleans!

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  1. Girl I needed that laugh! I want Everythang!!

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