Some Craziest Trending Shades To Show Your Style:

Fun and unique sunglasses are the rage this summer. From retro throwbacks to neon sunnies in rainbow colours, it seems that anything goes. Here is a collection of some of the wackiest shades you could find. Shades always make the whole style statement complete. It gives that oomph factor needed to any style or fashion. No fashion accessory is complete without a proper and crazy shade.. Here korucaredoula get suggestion about which sunglasses will suit you most. Check out some truly crazy shades –

 Emma Montague’s Mandibular Eyewear 

These crazy Shades were designed by a London art student and are made with real animal bones and were on display at a college art show. 

The  BFGS 

They have wider frames, longer arms and bigger lenses. They are designed for more coverage. No slip, no bounce, polarized sunglasses. It would be an amazing choice if you may consider Goodr BFG shade as it carries somewhat of craziness to it.


While most of the sunglasses are made of metal and plastic, these Shades are crafted from wood. They are made from eco friendly material and have been featured in publications ranging from Vogue to Cosmo. 

Folding Sunglasses – How convenient 

 Simply fold them up and slip them into your pocket or purse. These convenient shades are popping up more and more and even can be found at affordable stores in the mall. In some cases folding shades get broken while folding. To keep wearing your trending shade’s use the bondic glue to fix them. It will make your shades like new and won’t be easily breakable again. 

 Indecisive Shades –

Maison Martin Margiela 8 Hybrid Aviator 

With this Crazy pair of sunglasses you don’t have to get confused. These interesting glasses combine a metal frame with a plastic one and give a truly unique look. 

Shades That Beat 

These may not be new to you. These sporty shades combine the typical Oakley style with earbuds to play your favourite music. Attach it to your computer through USB and upload your songs . 

The Best Of Both Worlds 

These goofy but slightly interesting sunglasses can act as both glasses and sunglasses, with 4 customisable lenses to suit your site. 

Architecture For The Face 

These sunglasses don’t have any crazy features but they are interesting to look at. Combining a retro style with interesting architecture construction, they just had to go on the list. 

Dripping Sunglasses – Ann Sofie Back Dripping Sunglasses 

While you heart the aviators, you are not sold completely on these dripping sunnies. This is an example of why you should always store your sunglasses away from direct sunlight. 

They Are Made Of What?

The Bushmills 

These are custom fabricated from old whiskey barrels. They Come packed in a wooden crate with a crowbar, for fun nostalgic removal. 

Solar Shades 

You need to charge your cell phone or MP3 player but you forgot your charger? These handy sunglasses use solar panels to collect energy when you wear them in the sun. They power up your device when you plug into it. 

The above styles of sunglasses will help you to pick the style which you want. When it comes to picking cool sunglasses you have two ways – you can opt for Classic models that have been shielding retina in your grandfather’s days or you can look at the trending ones in terms of colours and shapes and eras. Both the ways, it’s important to be able to sort the blinders from the blindingly ugly. 

Get it right and you will be gifted a face based upgrade like no other, seemingly simple piece of molded metal or plastic, which can block harmful UV rays, prevent crow’s feet and instantly erase hangover face giving hundred percent extra added swag.

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