“So you just gonna walk around nappy headed??”

Bonjour my lovelies! I think its about time that I talk about something that has been on my mind for awhile and that is the ignorance that comes along with growing out your hair. Not your own ignorance, but ignorance from those around you.

In a perfect world, everybody supports every decision we make and everything we do without criticizing or questioning. But lets be honest for a second, this is not a perfect world and probably never will be. In a perfect world , being natural would be “nothing” because it would be a norm right? Wrong!

You guys know i frequent hair forums a lot and I cannot tell you how often somebody post about how their family/spouse/friends don’t support their decision to go natural and use all kinds of derogatory words and phrases to discourage them.

DO NOT let these people discourage you. My 1st year going natural, i went it all alone and yes people had things to say but i am the type of person that really doesnt care what others say. Not everyone is like this and certain people’s opinions impact them in a big way.

If you find no support from your family or friends, surround yourself with people that WILL support you. Whether its this site, naturallcurly.com, twitter, or facebook it really helps to have people around you.

So next time somebody ask you a dumb question like “So you just not gettin perms no more?” or “So what you goin do with your hair? Its gonna be all nappy and stuff.”, let them know straight up if they don’t like it they could A.) Dissociate themselves from you because you will not allow the negative criticism or B.) Show them what inspired your. Or C.) You can let them know when their ends stop being see through, their nape stop being chewed, and their hair stop lookin like somebody took a razor to it, than yall can talk.

Happy Hair growing and Shoutout to all the Newly Naturals and the Transitioners!

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  1. I love your article. I’m natural and even my mother trying to get my hair in braids, one person suggest texturizer.lol Listen, people are so sold out on what they think is beautiful. I don’t drink that Kool aid.

  2. Chadonnae says:

    I so agree with this. The funny thing is that I wrote something similar in regard to a reaction I got since I started my loc journey last week. But it really pisses me of that people make your decision mean so much to them….and react negatively, smh

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