Sheryl Underwood black hair disgusting

Sheryl Underwood – “That Black Hair Is Disgusting & No One Wants It!”

Sheryl Underwood black hair disgustingWoah! This video will make some people mad but I think Sheryl was kind of out of line for this one. Whether she was thinking it or not, the fact that the audience laughed at her jokes was kind of like wow!

So saving hair period is ok?

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A little back story on it. Of course we all know that Heidi Klum has interracial children but she says they all have big afros. When they get their hair cut, she saves their hair in a ziplock bag. Well Sheryl Underwood went to say “Why would you save nappy hair?” Another host of the view said “Well i can understand that because it’s her kids hair” Sheryl replies “No no no, your kids hair would be a long and silky beautiful piece.”

Wow! How’s that whole inferiority complex working out for you Sheryl?

Yall know what to do. Thoughts?

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  1. Funkystarkitty50 says:

    If she was trying to be funny, it wasn’t. But if she was actually stating her personal opinion, it’s sad that she thinks that way about natural hair. Wearing weaves and wigs are a personal choice, but when you have issues about natural hair and choose to make comments like that, clearly you are a product of brainwashed thinking. Straight hair is not better than natural hair. It’s “unnatural” to belittle something that you were born with, but maybe she was put down a lot as a child for how she looked. Some if us have deep-seeded issues about ourselves. I don’t want to say that she has self-hate, she may be just misinformed and a product of what she was told growing up.

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