shea moisture coupon code

Shea Moisture Coupon Code for 3 FREE Products and A Chance to Win A Hair Steamer!


The Hair Steamer Giveaway has ended but the coupon code still applies!

shea moisture coupon code


The overwhelming request for Shea Moisture products from you ladies has been INSANE! I have gotten a ton of request to get these products to yall!

So what’s a girl to do?

Well I have the next best thing.

When you purchase a $50 dollar gift card from Big Chop Hair, use Shea Moisture coupon code, “StrawberriShea” at check out and get 3 FREE FULL SIZED Shea Moisture Products.

If your not familiar with a hair steamer, you can read about them here.

Yes it’s what you dreamed and hoped for. This is available exclusively through Big Chop Hair and myself.

See doesn’t it pay to read my blog? I give you stuff.

We have decided to sweeten the pot a bit by offering one lucky gift card shopper a chance to win a hair steamer!

So who is Big Chop Hair? It’s a kinky and curly hair care company I have teamed up with to bring you this awesome deal. Check out some of the before and after hair below.

So which Shea Moisture products will you be getting?

Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap Face & Body bar is designed to cleanse, hydrate and calm problem skin. Helps to balance oily skin for a clearer complexion. Use daily. Made with natural and certified organic ingredients.

This moisture-rich styling secret easily enhances natural curl memory and wave pattern. No sticky, crunchy or flaky residue – just high impact volume with a soft finish. Fights frizz all day while promoting shine. –

A precision styling aid. Provides a light, touchable hold. Blocks the effects of humidity, while controlling reversion and flyaway hair for sleek, frizz-free styles. Nutrient-rich formula helps promote growth by strengthening and conditioning hair.

Are there any rules to this?


If you purchase a $50 gift card from, just use the Shea Moisture coupon code, “StrawberriShea” at checkout and you get your 3 FREE Shea moisture products AND you get a chance to win a hair steamer. YOU ARE ONLY ELIGIBLE TO WIN THE HAIR STEAMER IF YOU PURCHASE THE GIFT CARD.

If your not familiar with a hair steamer, this is what it looks like


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The hair steamer giveaway ends Tuesday June 02nd but you can still use the Shea Moisture coupon code at checkout to receive your 3 FREE products from BigChopHair.

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  1. April Jouett says:

    Is the code only good for 1 time?

  2. Ke-ke Burks says:

    When do you announce the winner of the hair dryer?

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