Relaxer Goes Horribly Wrong

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‘You gotta take it like a woman!’…. OR YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW!? Did she really just tell her that?!? “Dont rinse all the perm out”? O_____O .. Bitc…. Ya know what, im not even gonna finish that word..

Yall decide…

P.S Even if you are relaxed, burning is NOT normal.. i just have to put that out there

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  1. So was she a natural that wanted a perm? And even if why is her mom forcing her to finish the perm? take it out….

  2. One of the many reasons that prompted me to go natural

  3. I permed my hair from age 8-9 to age 28 and NEVER had a perm that didn’t burn no matter how careful I was with my scalp or how quickly I rinsed it out. Glad I’m not about that life any more!

  4. I had to laugh because it reminded me of myself back when I still had a perm. A lot of old school moms and hairdressers would tell me to hold on until I couldn’t hold on anymore. My last real perm I got at a hairdresser I was past “It’s starting to burn but I can handle it” to the point I was shaking and about to cry [I was 27 by the way, so I’m a grown woman shaking and tearing up at a salon] and in the end I had scabbing around the whole nape of my neck and all in my scalp. I had to put neosporin [sp] in it daily to avoid infection. I’m lucky I kept my hair after that. Also you’re not supposed to rub a perm in, all she’s doing is helping the perm get into the scalp and burn off layers of skin. I’m just so happy I’m not in that seat. I did my time, now I’m on to better things lol.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      LOL @ “i did my time” .. I remember being a kid and crying with a perm in my head because it burned so bad… just doesnt make any sense

  5. My relaxers never burned unless someone was doing it wrong. Ugh this is just…. ugh

  6. afrodiziac80 says:

    OK, I couldn’t laughat any part of that video. The way that girl was screaming & begging her mom to wash the relaxer out reminded me of a snuff film. It was painful to watch. That’s what I call child abuse. Can we stop with the “kitchentician” nonsense? That woman was doing every possible thing wrong to damage that girl’s hair, scalp & self-esteem.

  7. I seriously hope her hair turned out OK after that! I used to be like that during my early high school years with perms and such, and now when i look back I see the true harshness in these products we use to gain what we seem to call “beauty” and something “silky-smooth.” It’s truly become ridiculous to me now! I even had to stop with the blow out kits because it has the same chemical (lye) found in perms and used to burn my hair and leave scabs. Like my dad would say, “If you have to use gloves to put it in your hair, or run the risk of scalp burn, it’s Defiantly not good for your hair.” So glad to be free and natural!

  8. Loshon Berry says:

    First, why does she have dishes in the sink while doing a relaxer? Her scalp is most likely burn because she scratched her scalp prior to the chemical treatment. And the mom is trying to work the perm in while the poor girl is under the water.. Lawd, I don’t miss those days @ all. LOL

  9. all I can say is WOW………… I am so glad that I never put a relaxer in my daughters hair… and that I stop putting chemicals in mine…

  10. Relaxer has to be put on by a professiinal that has been trained. Your scalp has to be healthy to cut down on burning. Natural hair is nice but some people think it’s care free. Natural hair has to be cut and styled, and moisturizer needs to be put on daily.

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