Rachel Dolezal Didn’t Bother Me…. Until She Started Braiding Hair

Ok look, listen ~taps mic, gets on soap box~

I just really need to get this off of my chest

I DON’T CARE that Rachel Dolezal passed herself off as an African-American woman.

rachel dolezal braiding hair

The bottom line is the woman was uncomfortable with who she was. Aren’t we all sometimes? Can you honestly say there is nothing that you wouldn’t change about yourself?

Don’t we all have that ONE caucasian friend who just SWEARS that he’s african-american and you KNOW his name is Billy and his mom’s name is Susie?

we all have the one white friend

Personally, I have a TON of things that I would like to change about myself but my race is not one of them.

Enter Rachel. She is not ok with being a caucasian and THIS is the thing she choose to change about herself. Now we all know DNA says otherwise. That you can’t just “change” your race and call it “transracial”(what the hell does this even mean) ; but what I saw with this woman was the need for her to erase her life completely as she was and start over. She wasn’t hurting anyone.

As a matter of fact, she decided to pass herself off as an African-American and actually do progressive things to further the African-American community which is a lot more than most ACTUAL African millenials are doing now a days.

No, your tweets and facebook posts do not count as “progression”

But then something happened… something took place.

This woman was fired from her job for passing herself of us “one of us”. Now she’s employed again, “as one of us” but as the “stereotypical” definition of an African American woman.

I was fine with Rachel Dolezal… until she started braiding hair and installing weaves. Not only is she braiding hair but her story about braiding hair has been published in Vanity Fair.


My gawd… stop it.

Slight excerpt from The Root about Rachel’s current whereabouts

“Dolezal’s interview includes tons of trans-rachel tears. Dolezal’s life after resigning from the Spokane, Wash., NAACP chapter hasn’t been a crystal stair. In addition to losing that job, she did not renew her professor’s contract at Eastern Washington University, where she taught classes on things like black-hair politics.

But that experience teaching about black-hair politics is now helping her.

Dolezal is now a beautician, and she told Vanity Fair that she now makes her living braiding and weaving black hair. Dolezal told the website that she has about three appointments a week, and the money is filling in a gap after she lost her previous jobs.”

Rachel, putting a perm, and yes a perm, in your hair or wearing a wig or braids, or whatever it is that you have on sitting at the back of your forhead does NOT and I mean DOES NOT give you a license to do it.

You are reaching beyond a reach now.

Excerpt from Vanity Fair Interview

“As she figures out where she’ll land next, Dolezal says she is surviving on one of the skills she perfected as she attempted to build a black identity. At Eastern Washington University, she lectured on the politics and history of black hair, and she says she developed a passion for taking care of and styling black hair while in college in Mississippi. That passion is now what brings in income in the home she shares with Franklin. She says she has appointments for braids and weaves about three times a week.”

So now your do weaves? Now you know the difference between remy and yaki? Malaysian and Brazilian?

noted meme

Does Blue Magic mean anything to you? How about Pink Oil Moisturizer? “Just-For-Me” ring a bell?

Probably not…

At this point your no longer the innocent woman whose parents outed her for now reason or any reason that I know of.  Now your the woman who is using your Jungle Fever syndrome to stretch this 15 mins of fame into an hour by using my people’s hair as a way to do it.

Talk about a line stepper. I better not ever hear you say the words “kitchen”, “nappy” or “edge control” because then I’m fighting you in the face.

Rachel, we were cool until you started touching the hair.. haven’t you ever heard that you don’t touch a black woman’s hair?

I hope you settle down and some point, find your Ebony to your dyed Ivory and get the hell out of the media.

Madam CJ Walker is weeping right now………


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