I’m About To Quit This Challenge And Here’s Why




Like seriously?

Lately I haven’t been inspired to write much but when I am inspired to write… I .. am.. .inspired.

So what has me inspired? These constant posts that I keep getting that you are ready to quit the Grow Your Fro challenge.

So I will quit with you


Yes YOU are ready to quit! Why? For what reason?

BUT Ask yourself, why are you ready to quit?

Do you not think that you can do this?
Do you feel like it’s too hard?
Do you just want to play in your hair?

You think I don’t miss my curls?
You think I don’t want to take my hair down?

I do, your not alone.

But do you know the beauty of this challenge? You have accountability.

So since you have accountability and you want to quit, I will quit to.

Isn’t that fair? Isn’t it fair to say that if you quit I will too because we are in this together right?

I have had people coming me to and say “I’m ready to quit and I think I will”

Don’t get me wrong I’m not shaming you. I don’t want you to feel like you can’t say what you need to say. On the contrary, the natural hair chat group is there for you to feel like you can say these things but be warned.

If you put yourself out there, if you express your feelings I WILL respond with the motherly authority that you are seeking because you are not telling me you are about to quit because you want to quit.

You are telling me you want to quit because you actually don’t want you to quit.

You are telling me you want to quit because you want me to talk you out of it.

You want me to encourage you

You want me to tell me your wrong and that you shouldn’t

Even more harsh, you want me to tell you that if you quit, your a loser and you will quit everything in your life so you should never quit,

You should never quit
You should never quit
You should NEVER quit

You can slow down, but you should never quit.

You can have doubts , but you should never quit.

This challenge is about more than just getting healthier hair, it’s about growing as a person.

When you challenge yourself you grow in every way possible.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

This is growth and you will thank me for this later.. you will love this later.

No growth or discipline while it’s happening is enjoyable but you will enjoy the results

You will enjoy the results
You WILL enjoy the results

Stick with me, stay with it, keep going

We are almost to the end

Keep going and keep growing and prove to yourself that you CAN do this.

You can’t quit.. I won’t allow you to

So I guess I can’t quit because if you quit I will quit but I’m not letting you quit

So do me a favor, post these following questions in the group and answer them yourself

  1. Why do I want to quit the challenge?
  2. What will I accomplish by quitting the challenge?
  3. What will I accomplish by sticking with the challenge?
  4. Will I feel better if I quite this challenge?

Let me know. #GrowYourFroPSC

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  1. I do miss my curls, but I don’t want to quit! Just so close to the end and I know that I’ll be able to make it. And so can the sisters!! But after? My hair is staying out in this sun!!

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