Protective Style: DIY Curly Wig

Dug this old post up from August 2011!

I made this wig maybe a month ago but i never got around to wearing it… well…..
I got sick of doing my hair this week so i decided to install it

This is what it looked like while i was making it

And this is what it looked like when i was done making it

And here is the install

And this is what the top of it looks like


Overall i am very happy with the results. After i blended it, i couldn’t figure out where my own hair stopped…lol

I plan to leave this in for a month but still take care of the hair under it. I’ll take it out after a month, baby my hair for a couple of days, then slap it back in because its just TOO easy. My hair is braided into about 5 braids under it. i have 2 braids at the very front that i sewed the wig onto..

Im going to make another one but with str8 hair.

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  1. That’s super cute. I’m looking to do that this summer. How did you blend your hair with the wig hair?

  2. Super cute. how did you figure out how much cap to cut?

  3. That is too cute, could you do another post on the supplies you used???

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