pastor is against wearing weaves

Pastor Against Wearing Weaves At Texas Church – “They Are Associated With Women Who Have Low Self-Esteem.”

pastor is against wearing weaves

Well this isn’t news you hear everyday. A Texas pastor is against weaves and tries to forbid is congregation from wearing weaves as well. He believes weaves present a false image and only women who have low self-esteem wear them. reports

Pastor A.J. Aamir recently told his leadership staff at Resurrecting Faith, DO NOT wear weaves. Pastor Aamir feels women wearing weaves presents a false image of themselves and are associated with women who have low self-esteem.

“Our black women are getting weaves trying to be something and someone they are not. Be real with yourself is all I’m saying” said Pastor Aamir.

Pastor Aamir admits he was raised in a strict household. His mother and father are members of the Islamic faith. At 39 years old, he leads a congregation whose average age is 22.

“Long hair don’t care. What kind of mess is that? I don’t want my members so focused on what’s on their heads and not IN their heads” he told

I cannot disagree with this point though. I don’t buy hair for this very reason. I am not about to dish out $300 dollars for some hair. Trust me, i have tried to buck myself up to do it. It’s not happening. He does have a point about getting your priorities together.

“I lead a church where our members are struggling financially. I mean really struggling. “Yet, a 26 year old mother in my church has a $300 weave on her head. NO. I will not be quiet about this.”

Pastor Aamir acknowledges he cannot legally prohibit women from wearing weaves in church, but he still highly disapproves it.

Resurrecting Faith was founded by Pastor Aamir and is located in Waco, Texas.

Yes i am VERY ready to hear your thoughts on the topic. Do you think this pastor who is against weaves is being extreme or do you think he has a point?


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  1. Funkystarkitty50 says:

    On one hand, it’s none of his business what the women in his church do with their hair, but on the other hand, he makes valid points. If a woman is struggling financially, a $300 weave shouldn’t even be a priority. Spending money you don’t really have on things you don’t need makes no sense. No woman needs a weave, it’s a choice, a fashion statement. But if I were in debt, common sense would lead me to spend the money on improving my situation. Still, he sounds like a controlling pastor. It could be that the church may be helping these families financially–some churches do that- if that’s the case, it’s his right to say something because its unfair for his church to be paying someone’s light bill or rent, when they are spending money on hair.

  2. Sunlight Beauty says:

    It seems like he is more against financial irresponsibility rather than just weaves, I’m sure he would not want woman rocking $300 jeans but he didn’t ban that, right? Also weaves do not mean that someone has low self esteem or that they are trying to be something they are not, I know a lot of women who wear kinky straight or afro kinky or curly weaves, is that considered trying to be something that they are not? What if I have a relaxer and wear a yaki weave and it is blended perfectly and is not detectable is that not exceptable or considered trying to be something I am not just because I want to end length or volume to my hair? I do not agree with this pastor.

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