I Am Officially A Licensed Cosmetologist! I PASSED MY TEST!

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I Am Officially A Licensed Cosmetologist!

Yall I have taken this text THREE TIMES! After taking it the second time.

Let me take yall through very short walk.

The whole reason I started this journey was because I have always been taught that through the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth that I, not just as a woman, but as a person should have a trade or a skill.

You can always get fired from your job but nobody and I mean nobody can fire you from a skill.

When I started this blog, my intention was never that but as time progresses I started to see where this could be MY skill and MY trade and I could have the opportunity to show that what Jesus had taught me was real and the truth. See my God requires me to actually prove in my actions that I believe in him, not just say because Faith without WORKS is DEAD.

Somewhere, down this road, along this line, I lost sight of that and everything around me started to get in the way.

I failed the test 2 times, TWICE! I thought to myself how could this happen like this if my heart was in the right place when I started this?

I was ready to quit

I was ready to give up

But my other half encouraged me to keep trying regardless and without that encouragement, I would have never taken the test and never tried again.

He is truly my partner yall and I love him dearly

Get a man who supports your dreams and tells you to get your ass up and try again when you don’t want to

I thank the Lord for this man.. literally.

Self doubt, not thinking i’m good enough, not feeling like I have what it takes.

Which is why I’m writing this post right now so I won’t hide in the dark with this license.

So first, I want to give the glory of this to Jesus of Nazareth, because without him I literally would not be the person I am growing into because it was his teachings that showed me I should elevate myself because I need to let my light shine, no matter what the obstacle is.

Secondly, I want to thank my S/O and my other half for not only being my backbone through all of this but never letting me settle where I am and constantly pushing me when I sit my behind down and want to throw in the towel


But bravery is not NOT being scared, it’s acknowledging that your scared and going anyway.

And. I. Am. Terrified

But I’m going anyway.

This has been one hell of a journey and a serious uphill battle  but I finally got it!
Just the beginning #StayTuned #ToGodBeTheGlory #MoreToCome #ImBoutToSlay

Stay tuned for the Journey

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  2. Congratulations… God just keep showing me through others as yourself on how great and awesome he is! I just need to step out on faith for myself to go back and finish up nursing 🙂

  3. Congrats Hun I wish you much success 😁

  4. Congrats to you! I love how you said “You can always get fired from your job but nobody and I mean nobody can fire you from a skill.” That is so true and very inspirational. I’m going to look into a few things myself. Thanks for posting and congrats again!

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