Nivea Thinks Natural Hair Is Uncivilized?

I am really on the fence about this because i don’t want to look at it through bias eyes but at the same time, it’s hard to not to say “What’s that supposed to mean?”

If you would like to write Nivea, here is their contact info: 1-800-227-4703 . The link to their page to write  an email is:

Does Nivea think natural hair is uncivilized or do you think this is another 1 of those things that the hair community is about to blow out or proportion?

So tell me ladies what do yall think about this.


So here are the other 2 ads with white men…. hmmmmmmmmmm guess they don’t look uncivilized… Nivea, i need answers

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  1. I think it is uncalled for and outright wrong. I mean that’s ridiculous, so our black men are uncivilized if they sport a beard or natural hair? C’mon. That is offensive.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      They really didn’t think this ad thru

  2. Based on the lack of race relations in Germany I find iti offensive with both the black man & the white man. Whites have continuously set standards for how people neighborhoods businesses dogs cats schools & a host of other stuff should look and because of the standards they feel are acceptable it causes kids and adults to try and live up to these so called “norms” the ad with the white man holding the head with the long beard and thick curly hair reminds me of orthodox Jewish men we all know Germanys past with Jews. The black ad is offensive because lots if Europeans & whites think blacks are unruly any way. What would we say if the black man was holding that same doll head but the end result was he had locs instead of the fro……

    1. Elizabeth says:

      I honestly believe it would still be offensive regardless.

  3. I think we are reading to much into that ad! I’m a natural woman, the ad features a man and let me tell u if my husband had a bushy fro like that I would beg him to get a haircut! There is TO much in the world to take offense to.

  4. I have written about this topic also. Here’s a question that I haven’t asked on my blog. What was the black actor thinking when he understood what was asked of him? Was it $$$ or was it that because he was on the other side of the issue the reason why he couldn’t see the controversy? Nice blog, I am glad you all over the topic and spreading the word.

  5. I think the add is totally uncalled for and a low blow to the natural hair community. Thanks for posting the information on how to contact the company concerning this add!!!

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