new orleans natural hair group

New Orleans Natural Hair Group And Natural Hair Chat

new orleans natural hair group


Hey ladies and lurking gents. I have officially started 2 Facebook Groups. One is a New Orleans Natural Hair Group (because you know I am based in NOLA) and the other is just called “Natural Hair Chat”. It’s just another natural hair group as well. I am really excited about these groups because I have gotten so much positive feed back from the people in it. I know it’s not always easy to post on my FB fan page.

I love that fact that so many naturals are willing to help each other out. I also feel like their might not be enough new Orleans natural hair groups and people don’t always know where to look. Hoping these groups can remedy these issues and kind of get you all talking with each other. It’s just a place to hangout! You don’t always have to talk about hair. I just want it to be a chilled and relaxed atmosphere. That’s what I am hoping to create so. If you request to be apart of the FB group, I will approve you!

See you in there!


New Orleans Natural Hair Group | Naturals In New Orleans

Natural Hair Facebook Group | Natural Hair Chat


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