Naturals In New Orleans Meetup 2011

Hi all! I had a blast with the ladies for the Naturals In New Orleans Meetup. 

About 15 women came out but i projected more. My plans seem to have been thawtred though..

Y do you ask?

3 words

New Orleans Saints…..

I am so used to the game starting at 12 p.m but the day of the meetup, they decide they want to play for 3 p.m …. oh goody -___-

And since my city goes entirely too hard for it’s team, the women decided that they would rather sit at home, kick back with a cool one in hand and watch the saints game… i aint mad atcha tho.

But you still should have been at my meetup because they were playing the game at TGIFRIDAYS!

Anyway, despite that, we had a BLAST!

Southwest Mississippi Naturals came ALL THE WAY FROM MISSISSIPPI (it’s not that far no, i just have to make it into something it’s ) to attend the meetup. They had a little trouble getting there but they made it!

Dwana Makeba was there as well, owner of Beauty On Da Bayou salon in New Orleans. ( Yall make sure yall checkout her shop and tell her Strawberricurls sent you 😉 )

Also in attendance was Elisha aka Curly Chic .

We did giveaways,product swaps, talked about hair and everything else under the sun. And of course we watched the Saints game too!

The ladies from Southwest Mississippi Naturals even bought a gift.. ~tear~ I was touched.


The pictures were taken by Joshua Davis aka Fly Designs. He’s an amazing photographer and he designed my logo too so if you need professional pictures or anything, he’s your man.

Well ladies, if your in the New Orleans area, i hope to see you at the next 1! HHJ!


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  1. Trinette504 says:

    I was all gung-ho, until I realized it coincided with the Saints game! (Yikes!) Hindsight being 20/20 in all, I should have gone (that game was painful to watch). Hopefully there will be another one soon.

  2. Elisha Martin says:

    …had a blast attending your meet and greet!
    We are glad to finally make it. I was straving when I got there. I hope u enjoyed your pomade from Amazing Botanicals and other goodies from Southwest Ms Naturals. Keep us posted on your upcoming events we are glad to support you.

    Much love from the Sip!! E!

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