atural hairstyles for black women

Natural Hairstyles For Black Women – Braiding Hair Made Illegal/Crime in United States in America?

atural hairstyles for black women

I think this is a completely ridiculous notion. Everyone knows that one of the top natural hairstyles for black women is braiding of the hair. What other race gets their hair braided as often as we do? Requiring someone to go to school for 2000 hours for something that isn’t even taught in school is crazy. Check the video with more on the story

Braiding hair is not a standard in cosmetology curriculum and it’s not something that is taught. I personally have my very strong belief that if you go to cosmo school, ESP if its an african american owned school, than natural hairstyles for black women should be apart of the curriculum. Everyone’s hair is different and braiding is really an necessity and acquired skill. So for it to be restricted like this because Utah can’t make money any other kind of way is crazy to me.

Why regulate something that you not only don’t teach in school, but something you don’t deem important enough to include in the curriculum? This has been my top complaint in my time at cosmo school. That not only are natural hairstyles for black women not stressed or even taught but braiding hair isn’t taught at all! And I live in Louisiana! You need to know how to braid in order to install sew-ins or just to diversify your clientele in general. So why not include it? I have no clue but to make braiding hair illegal is just taking it to a new level.


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  1. How does it become illegal? I always wanted to braid my hair badly.

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