natural hairstyle to try

Natural Hairstyle Tutorial Round Up | 4 Pompadour Updos You Should Try

natural hairstyle to try
Oh how YouTube brings a plethora of natural hairstyles for us to choose from! One thing I love about this generation is that we don’t have to search for much. Most of the information we want comes to us!

With that being said, a lot of the times, it’s hard to sift through all of the information overload that we tend to experience and sometimes leaves us ready to pitch the computer across the room.

We miss out on a lot of good gems doing this! So allow me to dig up some very fab natural hairstyle tutorials that you can add to your arsenal.

The “pompadour” is a very classic look. It’s simple, quick, and as all naturals love, hassle free. It’s really easy to accomplish on old stretched natural hair. These natural hair tutorials provide a fresh take on a classic look

Pomp & Circumstance aka “The Pomp” Tutorial By Africa Miranda

Textured Pompadour Updo (Natural Hair) Tutorial w/ Entwine Couture By Nappturally Chic Jere

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Updo Natural Hair Tutorial: Classic Pompadour By My Natural Sistas

Natural Hair Pompadour Updo by Nik Scott

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Natural Hairstyle Tutorial Round Up | 4 pompadour updos you should try
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  1. Melodi Steinberg says:

    You are so photogenic! Great pictures and your hair looks fab!

  2. I’m not natural, but I bet you can still come up with a cute Pomp with these tutorials.

  3. I keep my hair short, however when my hair was longer I stayed on YT looking for new styles. I really like each one, but I think video #4 is my favorite.

  4. I will definitely try some of these styles once my natural hair gets a bit longer. I love the look of an updo on natural hair, very elegant.

  5. Cassandra Vincent says:

    Great post. I do get a little overwhelmed by all the options. Thanks for the tips.

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